My Shopping Genie Estimated Earnings Top Distributors

by Ted Nuyten on January 28, 2011



John Van Deurzen – Canada


Andrew Burling – USA


Frankie Lawler – USA


Chuck Williams – USA


John van Deurzen - My Shopping Genie Andrew Burling - My Shopping Genie Frankie Lawler - My Shopping Genie Chuck Williams - My Shopping Genie

Sergei Kotcherine – Russia


Simon Brookes – UK


Kalpesh Patel – UK


Linda Chatham – Australia


Sergei Kotcherine - My Shopping Genie Simon Brookes - Myshopping Genie Kalpesh Patel - My Shopping Genie Linda Chatham - My Shopping Genie

Craig Wotton – Australia


Chuck & Cheryl Alimena – USA


Emmanuel Kuye – UK


Joe Mhamed – Canada


Craig Wotton - My Shopping Genie Chuck and Cheryl Alimena - My Shopping Genie Emmanuel Kuye - My Shopping Genie Joe Mhamed - My Shopping Genie

Below you find a list of the estimated earnings of 70+ My Shopping Genie Top distributors. Also see the Review we did earlier about My Shopping Genie.


First NameLast NameRegionPositionEst. Monthly Earnings
John VanDeurzenNorth AmericaDiamond Distributor$100,000
DorindaBourkeEuropeDiamond Distributor$50,000
Simon & JulieBrookesEuropeDiamond Distributor$50,000
Andrew & NancyBurlingNorth AmericaDiamond Distributor$50,000
FrankieLawlerEuropeDiamond Distributor$50,000
Chuck & DianeWilliamsNorth AmericaDiamond Distributor$50,000
LindaChathamAustraliaGlobal Distributor$5,000
EricHardessAustraliaGlobal Distributor$5,000
CraigWottonAustraliaGlobal Distributor$5,000
Chuck & CherylAlimenaNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
SorayaAndersonEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
FrazerBrookesEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
CurtisBurgessNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
LeviChipucoEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
MartinClarkeEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
GrahamCoxEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Jan ErikDahlbergEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
SteveDawsonEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
JimDenzineNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
Tim & GeorgiaDomineyNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
IrelandsEyeEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
NatalieFoellerNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
RayFordEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Elaine & HughGaltEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
DougGlobalEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
KerryHansonNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
JoanHarkerNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
Ron & JudyHeadNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
DavidHideEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Eric & CrystalHillNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
GlobalHorizonsEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Roma Di VotoJohn BarrettEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
PipJohnsonEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
CiaraKielyEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
AllanKleynhansEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
SergueiKotcherineEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
EmmanuelKuyeEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
RogerLangilleNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
PeterLewisEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Roy & CynthiaLitchfieldEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
KathyMartinNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
RichardMaudeEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Mary and EdMawdsleyEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
PaulMcCarthyEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Joanne & IvanMcCombeEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
AddisonMcKenzieNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
JoeMhamedNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
LedellMilesNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
DarrenMillerNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
PaulMonksEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
DavidMutchEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Tor EinarOlaisenEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
MarkOrorkeEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
NicolaParmarEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
StaceyPattersonNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
Caroline & AlanPlattEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
ChrisPomelliEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
PaulSeagravesNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
FrankServedioNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
ShevyShevchukNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
SimonStepsysEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
KeithStrandNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
Online IncomeStreamsNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
RandyTateNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
RolandTilmanEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
MarkToddNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
MaureenUjamEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
JanineWahlenEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
Hugh PaulWardEuropeGlobal Distributor$5,000
KarlaWileyNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
DanWolfangerNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
DanielWomackNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
LouiseZoBellNorth AmericaGlobal Distributor$5,000
Total est. month earnings$685,000



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Facebook Comments

18 comments… read them below or add one

admin January 28, 2011 at 2:24 pm
Controversial company.

John January 28, 2011 at 3:26 pm
Hi Ted, Controversial or not MSG is putting money in peoples pockets. It's also a good thing to see that Distributors can and are making money simply giving away a free product which benefits the 'customer' every time it's used with no cost to themselves or obligation to buy anything - ever. While it's true the big hitters will probably see the highest incomes, the pay plan recognises that although not everyone will or can sponsor every Distributor who adds effort to ambition can still build an excellent residual income without ever sponsoring a single person and there are not enough programmes out there where that is true Regards, John

Bob Crisp January 28, 2011 at 8:16 pm
The biggest problem MSG has is that its commission software miscalculates commissions. Even the owners have no confidence in it. So far none of my bonus checks have been correct and when confronted with the facts... the staff and owners simply blow it off... I'm sorry folks but that just isn't ethical...

Pavel Kotenko January 29, 2011 at 3:48 am
So there are 2 thoughts about MSG. I suppose that if it is possible to make money here then it can work, never the less it should be improved

PETER DEAN BOULOUKOS January 29, 2011 at 6:43 pm
First, John, who wants to make money where their is "controversy" of any sort? Bernard Madoff made some people a lot of money, but he is in jail, and their was a lot of "controversy" in what he did. "Controversy" is what makes people think "Pyramid," or in Madoff's case "Ponzi." John, now you describe Shopping Genie as being SIMPLE and site that it's FREE at no cost. Listen, if it is so SIMPLE than why out of your Top 70 does only 9percent earn more than $60,000 per year. That's again, out of your Top Earners, not your entire company. I am all for the little guy. I have been a business owner and business builder since I was eleven. Network Marketing is an incredible opportunity for so many. As Kiyosaki writes, it truly is and will be "The Business of the 21st Century," but please not that he uses the term "business" and not "dream." Want to know the problem with network marketing? There really is no problem. It's a great industry if you align yourself with a credible company and honest team. There is a growing "Family" online that markets "Earn $5000 per month for only a $25 investment." This same "Family" used to post "Earn $19,500 for only $25 one time." I can't believe people sign-up for that. Want to know the problem with many network marketers? They sell a "dream" rather than a "business." Now, for the six people in Shopping Genie earning $300,000 or more per year. Great. But if it is "controversial money" and you know it...I don't know if I can support your effort. I also have not studied the company nor do I ever plan to put my name next to anyone or anything that say's "controversy" is alright if their is "money" on the back end. You see, so many honest people make good money in network marketing by sharing from the heart. Do the right things, at the right times, for the right reasons, good reasons...and great things will present themselves. There is no "wealth" without work. The guy's I know earning $10,000 to $140,000 per month all work and invest time and money. I have only heard a few million dollar earners say "it's easy" or "it's simple." The two that stick out are both under the age of 28 and probably don't know any better. What is simple for you John, is not simple for the other 91percent of the Top 70 earners because they earn 95percent less than what you earn. I would think that if it were simple, such a large gap would not exist. Don't sell a dream. Sell a business. Be honest. Show people exactly what you do. Tell them how much you spend. Personally, I too receive my product for FREE. I actually have a company that makes solid products that I use daily and love. I am proud of my experience with this kind of nutrition, so I share it with great passion but also with moral authority and integrity. I receive $152 worth of free product every month. I pay shipping. Because that product is free, I reinvest money into product that I share with prospects or my personally sponsored team to help them share while they learn how to receive product for FREE. When someone on my team makes a bulk order, I back it with more product. When someone invests time. I invest time. When someone invests money, I invest money when I can and often. I have more than a few people earning over $60,000 per year, so in your business John, I would be placing a number of top earners into your Top 70 without "controversy" of any sort. I am sure your business is thriving, but please make sure you move forward being careful about the language you might be using. Robert Kiyosaki calls Network Marketing "The Business of the 21st Century." Note he uses the term "business" and not "dream." Facebook: -Peter Dean Bouloukos- Yours in Success, PDB

John January 30, 2011 at 3:43 pm
Sorry Peter, Having been in this amazing industry for over sixteen years and never, but never presented any opportunity as reward without work, my favourite expression being "adding effort to ambition", a particular comment of yours namely "I also have not studied the company" absolutely ruined the value of your comment I'm afraid. I should also add that the estimated top earner incomes shown by Ted are exactly that - estimated and it remains to be seen what the real earnings of many of those listed actually are assuming they wish to publish that information. I'm pleased to hear you receive 'free' product which is usually a term meaning you qualify at a level sufficient to cover the cost of the order you have to place each month in order to qualify for bonus. I wish you continued success and hope any business your company presently conducts in Europe survives the imminent arrival of the European directive as I truly fear many will not. Regards, John

Frazer Brookes February 1, 2011 at 2:47 pm
This is hilarious! Hardly any of the Globals are mentioned... I am a RUBY Global too... Dont know where your getting the income from but it is way off!!! MSG is a great opportunity with an awesome product, fair enough people think its controversial because it is unique to any other company out there. All the best to you fellow MLMers! Frazer Brookes

Alan Platt February 1, 2011 at 5:09 pm
My Net Universe is a good company with a good product, Many people are truly earning also many people are saving, the feedback I have had from giving away the app has been amazing - Its free for our customers to get and costs nothing for them to use, many are making substantial savings, in a downturned ecconomic climate, I think thats a great gift to give. From a business point, where else can any business brand on the front page of the major a search engines for less than 65 pence per day ? and be paid from potential clicks. Great value for the genie system. There are many posts on this company on the net, many not true, we are involved within M.S.G. and see the real picture from real experience not taking on board someone elses opinion without knowing the real facts or doing appropriate due diligence. MLM Rocks and there are many good companies with good products out there, in my opinion M.S.G. falls in this category. Good luck in all your respective businesses

Steven Aspinall February 1, 2011 at 6:02 pm
My opinion is that My Shopping Genie is without doubt THE best MLM business out there. If you are considering joining, then you need to join anyway. Currently in Pre-Launch Worldwide, the opportunity you have right now to create a considerable income and to finally give up your day job is immense. The product is helping lots of people save lots of time and money when they are searching for stuff online. People that dont use the product really dont know what they are missing out on. It is free, so why not take advantage of it ? This business has only been around for a short while. Lots of people from other MLM companies criticize MSG. Why? Just to say good luck. I look forward to working with you all soon. ;-)

Steven Aspinall February 1, 2011 at 6:05 pm
My Shopping Genie is without doubt THE best MLM business out there. If you are considering joining, then you need to join anyway. Currently in Pre-Launch Worldwide, the opportunity you have right now to create a considerable income and to finally give up your day job is immense. The product is helping lots of people save lots of time and money when they are searching for stuff online. People that dont use the product really dont know what they are missing out on. It is free, so why not take advantage of it ? This business has only been around for a short while. Lots of people from other MLM companies criticize MSG. Why? Just to say good luck. I look forward to working with you all soon. ;-)

PETER DEAN BOULOUKOS February 2, 2011 at 1:28 am
John, Free product, plus all of the commission that goes with that path. Not "Free" meaning I earn $152 per month and put it into product. It's FREE when you have FOUR on an equal monthly offering of 100 points or higher. So, if someone is on a really tight budget, they can start to build momentum and an income with Truly FREE product. I understand that with sixteen years you probably have stopped reading or listening to others...but I did mention that my product is FREE and that I only pay shipping. I don't believe I could have been more clear. But you may have been reactive or defensive by the message. Why? Terms like "Controversy" and "Simple" may make you a bit on edge or defensive. You should not be. Take the message with a grain of Sea Salt. There is good information in that content. Use it. Next, I lay out exactly what I do, and for twenty years have been building businesses without "selling" any sort of dream or by making false claims. Now, I am not at saying that you would ever do that. I did mention that you used some interesting language that you might want to stop using. Next, I understand what "average" earnings. The "average" person earns $5000 per month. That does not mean "Paid as" on a week to week or month to month basis. So many earn less, and some earn more. My point was that your TOP earners are only earning $60,000 on average. That's not a large sum. How long has this opportunity been around? Thanks! PDB

Simon Stepsys February 2, 2011 at 3:16 am
I have been a business owner for over 20 years. I have also been a Full time online marketer since 1997 thats 14 years. I have also built some of the largest organisations worldwide in Direct sales. I AM a very proud Global Distributor with MyShoppingGenie & am VERY HAPPY with the product, the service & the support. More importantly I am very happy with the LEADERSHIP within this company. We have a UNIQUE product that we get paid to give away, no one gets hurt, we only every SAVE people money, & in this econemy that is a GREAT thing. My earnings are right on track & compared to other direct sales companies this pay plan is nothing short than PHENOMINAL. Great site Be the Best! Simon Stepsys (AKA Net Millionaire) Skype me at mentorofmillionaires

Caroline February 15, 2011 at 12:05 pm
I love my shopping genie - having a large family the product saves us a lot of money every month, I can build the business around my boys and the earnings have been fantastic - My payments drop into my account every week.This company really is a great place to be - I dont like selling really thats why this suits me as I give the fantastic product away for free, I have even qualified for the free luxury holiday - my boys are excited about that. People can find what ever they look for on the net, One thing I know the best place to get advice, is from the people doing it - My advice it get on board as my shopping genie is amazing.

Michael Chadders February 15, 2011 at 12:23 pm
MyShoppingGenie has benefitted me in a massive way... Saving me time and money when doing the weekly shop, as well as saving me over £2,000 on items I would of bought anyway!! I have also earned a secondary income from the opportunity which is growing steadily every day! Thank you MyNet Universe Inc. for letting us be apart of this incredible business... Also a massive thanks to the leadership in the UK as they have been a big part of my success!!!

Catherine February 15, 2011 at 12:34 pm
Love My Shopping Genie. Phenomenal product, business model, pay plan, and the leadership within the team is much better than anything else that I have ever come across. My goal is to earn $10k per week by June 2012, and I AM going to do it, with or without you. Checkout my website; Lets Genie It !! Catherine

Michael Renz 20/20 Diamond Team USA June 7, 2011 at 9:03 am
Hi Michael Renz here, I've been with the My Shopping Genie for a year and its the Most Aggressive Marketing Plan in the Industry Hands Down! We give away a FREE Product that saves people money and we get paid from world corporate advertising. Just imagine driving a bus load of people to Wal-Mart and giving them a list of items to find and Don't Purchase........You Just Got Paid! When your people are making money - You know the system Rocks! 715-456-7994 USA See You at the Top Mike Renz

Vanessa Williams February 7, 2012 at 8:23 pm
Is this business forreal? I just got off  the phone with them and whenever I call the number back, it doesn't go through. It makes me wonder if this business is a scam.....

Terrace April 6, 2012 at 9:31 pm
Can some of the distributors say when they get payed by cheque and how much? Has anyone actually seen money in their bank accounts and if so how much?The point of any business is to make money. Does this Pay you? Does it pay consistently??? When was your last pay cheque anybody? not earnings that genie ows as I heard they wernt paying out. Anybody please respond. Thanks!