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Jay and Shari Rundle


Jay & Shari Rundle, Monavie Leaders in the Northwest, Started out in Monavie in 2008 with no knowledge, and no spillover.  They found 8 people who believed in them and the producs. They teamed up with Mentors Eric & Michelle Cloud & Brig & Lita Hart, learned, listened, participated & rolled up their sleeves.

Their Group has grown to 5,000 plus in a short time with no spillover from up above. They live in Boise, ID  with 2 children Rachel & Adam & with 2 Rotties Harley & Titan. Estimated earnings within Monavie approx. $12,500 per month and are fast growing.


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Direct Selling Distributors, they are active professionals, who love to team up with you!

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  1. Jay and Shari Rundle are my personal sponsors in Monavie! I am thankful God put these 2 wonderful people into my life. You want to talk about a man with character, Jay goes the extra mile with his group, He has traveled to many different places just to show up and meet those who he might have the opportunity to share the Monavie Opportunity with. He is a leader and has a wonderful family that is his why that truly motivates him to take their business further into the future. One of his dreams is to claim one of those beautiful and majestic Motor coaches, don’t be fooled though his sights are not set upon his reward but upon people. Trust that the motor coach will be filled with laughing voices and listening ears as he shares his blessing with others. His wife Shari and Himself are determined to bless the lives of not only the distributors in their group, also to bless the lives of the children in the M.O.R.E. project in Brazil. These are a few things one man knows about 2 phenomenal people, It is my hope you all one day have the opportunity to meet them both and hear their story! Thank you, Love you Jay and Shari! Jared Monzello

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