MonaVie Moving Downlines To Better Positions?

Bad Business


Business For Home got through a furious German MonaVie distributor a shocking Youtube video (Direct Selling Leaks).

The entire USA downline of former Black Diamond Joe Licciardi who left the company last month, is moved down the Genealogy and inserted into – Alexander Herr- Purple Diamond's organization in Germany.

In MLM moving downlines is controversial…. Free money for the new upline….. and considered not ethical.

I reached out to MonaVie management for an official response which is as follows:


An unfortunate reality of our industry is that periodically people have ranks which are larger than themselves. Is is typical for such people to relocate in the industry, missing out on a key fact..Permanent income requires permanent commitment.
Recently a Mona Vie distributor (Joe Licciardi), who had gained the Black Diamond rank some years ago, but whose business had been in steady decline to the point of qualification well below his stated rank, made what I believe was a huge error in joining another company, cross recruiting and disparaging Mona Vie to the point of termination for violation of policies and procedures.
We then took the appropriate action of re-assigning sponsorships and repositioning what had become a very small lesser leg to create leadership to those who would suffer from the departure of their up-line. We took the appropriate measures, all within the stated policies and procedures of Mona Vie. This did not result in rank advancement for anyone.
I am pleased to note that our business continues to grow rapidly in Europe. I returned only today from a fantastic event in Warsaw, where we gave away the keys to five new Mona Vie automobiles, and recognized a new Blue Diamond. Congratulations to Artur Rdzonek!
In the USA, we have significant growth, with four consecutive weeks of VERY positive comparisons.
Mona Vie is in fact On The Move.
Randy Schroeder
President North America and Europe

Open the video in youtube, only then you get the comments / overlayer!




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  1. Being that we were all on Joe Licciardi’s team before, this team still is in the same line,no one above loses volume. Its the same as if nothing happened. Now this team gains more new leaders to help them grow and more volume will be generated now. The video is obviously made by a disgruntled german distributor who is targeting Alex Herr. Alex Herr had nothing to do with any of this. The information in the video is also completely wrong. We all know who made the video 😉 I know if my upline was terminated/left my company, I would be ecstatic to have an upline that will help our team continue to grow so we are not orphaned. This team is excited and happy that they are not in the dark. So in conclusion, the team did not change cross lines, people above were not affected, and the other team of Joe Licciardis was just merged with the stronger team for continued support. Everyone wins, no one loses. Its a great day.

  2. My official response is noted above, Thank you Ted. I here wish also to note the the “furious” German distributor here evidenced his immaturity.

    We have an obligation to support people who join our business. His fury results purely and only from the fact that we did not feel that moving the business to him for support would be in the best interest of those needing help.

    Randy Schroeder

  3. Facts are clear here. Its easy for someone to run with false truths. Monavie is a integrity based company that follows a strict Policy and moral code. The world wide web is like the bathroom walls of society where you can write just about anything. There is Law that prohibits the use of names and Company names on website and video content. Remember your computer and Modems give off IP unique address and its better then a fingerprint.

  4. Ok, after seeing the many comments posted on the various articles, I never wanted to take the time or expend the energy to reply, except for this one by Randy S.

    It is interesting that just a few months ago he was telling many that he considered Patrice and I to be one of his closest friends. Now, that we have taken another direction in life, he is saying that” Some people achieve ranks that where larger than themselves”. Really? How do you determine that? And to say that our business had declined to the point that we fell below our achieved rank? Well, why don’t we not just point the finger towards one person but to many, especially those who were helped by the moving of this leg. How was it determined where to move it this leg anyway? Were there not other active Blacks and others working the business who equally qualified? But the most dis-hearting comment is the accusation of us “Cross-recruiting and Disparaging the company”. We are still waiting for this documented proof. Of which there is none. In the end, it is what it is and we move on.

    Someone once told me just a few weeks back that if I made such a move, I would find out very quickly who truly were my friends. And that he was so right, and I thank those of you who have openly poured out your support.

    Patrice and I wish no ill will to anyone or any company, we just want to put our head down and go build. So we respectfully ask for all of those who read these comments, just leave it as it is.
    Blessings, Joe and Patrice

    PS – I don’t know what Randy thinks a “Very Small lesser leg” is but it was still paying us a very healthy 6 figure income.

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