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Recent research findings calls on Food Supplements manufacturers and distributors' awareness!

COMOSYSTEMS is looking for the ideal Direct Selling Company to market it's unique and patented CMO products!

If it is true that a vitamins and minerals supplementary diet is an appropriate measure to be taken for the preservation of health, it would not be wise to ignore the fact that the whole population is effectively exposed to electromagnetic fields, and to the fatal consequences which affect, among others, the possibility of assimilating correctly micronutrients.

* Patented, manufactured and distributed since 18 years, Comosystems obtained worldwide recognition by international experts and universities’ researchers with various science publications in places such as The International Journal of Biochemistry.

COMOSYSTEMS is manufacturing in France the patented Compensating Magnetic Oscillator (CMO).

Their entire line of products distributed throughout Europe in Health food stores, comes from in depth research made over ten years on human and animals (cruelty free).

COMOSYSTEMS have been verifying the effects of exposure to ELF (Electro Magnetic Fields) and the list of physical disorders in the body is just too long. Nobody gets “instant severe pathology” upon using a cellular or a computer, but the ground for all types of pathologies is set for the medium to long term, building up the conditions for disease to evolve.

COMOSYSTEMS have invented a technology able to “biocompensate” all types of electromagnetic fields: a very weak signal is emitted by the device (CMO) and received by the cells of our body, that will allow most ion-protein links to be stabilized. Science publications about this research is available (such as International Journal of Biochemistry etc..) and clearly demonstrates how the negative effects of ELF can be balanced.

To this day, COMOSYSTEMS ‘s line of products had nothing to do with MLM: the products are currently purchased in commercial sites and Health and Wellness shops and are available for distribution worldwide upon request.

New opportunity for the “Bed and Mattresses Industry”: Put a CMO protection inside the frame or bed mattress for a better sleep ! Read our research and findings ‘s in our Newletter N°2 “ SLEEP and Electromagnetic Fields”

Food supplements can reach their cellular target only if the Electro Magnetic environment  does not perturb physiological Ionic exchanges:



Michel Aerts – Vice President Sales:

CMO is the only scientifically validated biotechnology, capable of opposing to the cellular biological effects of EM fields by allowing an optimal cellular functioning in spite of the EM pollution. CMO, therefore, optimizes the effects of the supplements, because these last ones can interact then naturally with their targets.

CMO is the world scientific and historic reference regarding EM protection of living human beings. Click here to check our references!

COMOSYSTEMS, with over fifteen years of applied research (EMF / magnetic oscillators of compensation), manufacturer of the biotechnology CMO wishes to develop marketing and commercial partnerships with the main actors of the food supplementation.

Michel Aerts: When we realized there was a DIRECT LINK between MICRONUTRITION and Electromagnetic Fields, we knew these facts were going to change things in the Food Supplements Industry: almost everybody on this planet is exposed to these magnetic fields (emitted by cellular, tv’s, screens, computers, antennas, Wi-Fi etc.) and the way Micronutrients are assimilated is clearly perturbed, to the point of generating opposite effects, such as mineral and vitamin deficiencies!*

COMOSYSTEMS Products Overview

Comosystems Product Overview

You will read in our newsletter what are the main factors disturbing human cells’ exchanges, but what we are looking for here, and this is the message of this documentary, is a comprehensive collaboration with a Food Supplements Manufacturer or Distributor (such as large MLM company).

We believe it will make sense for this ideal partner to show more awareness, more knowledge, and more care for its clientele, by informing consumers of this relationship between Micronutrients and Electro Magnetic Fields, and to suggest the use of one of our CMO or more simply to distribute it.

This is how, for the sole purpose of developing a new product in the MLM industry, we came up with one new product, with a totally new design, new look and improved functions. A second new product (bracelet) will be available soon. We keep these two new products aside, since they will be exclusively distributed by our new coming partner/distributor.

COMOSYSTEMS is looking for an exclusivity agreement with a major sales network or Direct Selling company!

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