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Aron Steinkeller

The Steinkeller Brothers Launch One Dream Team


Last year in October the Steinkeller Brothers (Aron, Christian, Stephan) had done something unheard off in the industry.

They had left a top position in the coffee network Organo Gold together with their monthly earnings of almost a million dollar to create their own company, Conligus.

We all asked ourselves – Why?

Meanwhile they have launched their team website:

The Steinkellers explain:

After the official launch the 4th of October we saw an incredible growth in Conligus and the young company attracted a lot of new members and already in December we saw over 100,000 members. In a previous interview with the founders of Conligus we heard Stephan Steinkeller say “the growth went over our expectations, and the speed of the network was so fast that we unfortunately left a few things unnoticed, and we misjudged the importance of some of the things, little did we know at that time it was a Trojan Horse”

We saw the launch of the first platform of Conligus, the Hybrid Auction, and despite some technical problems that delayed the platform it all worked. Conligus had created a network with an innovative reward plan and the network was reaching over 100,000 members and Hybrid Auction showed that it worked. Success was eminent or so we thought.

Aron, Stephan, Cristian Steinkeller and Staffan Liback (From left to right)

Steinkeller Brothers

“Networking is a peoples business, the people is what is important. And its not only true for networking but for life” – Aron

In January, 2015 alarm bells started to ring and they were ringing LOUD. “We saw that there was a lot of fake accounts registered in our back-office and while we where investigating this sudden increase of accounts we also got reports that we had been victim of credit card fraud and for some strange reason the banks did not alarm us beforehand even if looking back it seems clear that someone should have noticed that something was not right” says Christian Steinkeller.

“At the time we didn’t understand the magnitude of the fraud” Christian added. But what first seemed to be a smaller fraud turned out to be a black hole swallowing the new star network. “It all went so fast from being victim off fraud to suddenly being in discussions of how to save the network”.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” – Staffan Liback.

“We have always said it and we say it again, networking its a peoples business, the people is what is important. And its not only true for networking but for life. It’s all about the people. So in Conligus we where not concerned anymore about the company but our members” says Aron.

“We had to save the people and to do that we had to dismantle Conligus and go into another network” says Christian. “I totally agree,” says Staffan “the only important thing was to save the network. Especially as so many of our leaders did ONLY Conligus and did not have any other income sources. This made it especially important to find a solution that we all could live with”.

Aron Steinkeller and Dr. Ruja Ignatova

Aron Steinkeller and Dr. Ruja Ignatova

Then everything turned around “I remember that I was eating breakfast with my family when the phone rang and it was Staffan and Aron calling: We got the perfect network for our team” Within a couple of weeks we had an agreement with OneCoin and everybody that wanted to join in and follow our team joined. “We are very happy that the people in our team, in the end of the day, trusted us and that they followed us,” says Stephan Steinkeller.

Aron: I am only in Onecoin because of the trust and the feeling in Dr. Ruja Ignatova. This is a feeling what came the first second and this was more important than the understanding of the business, because: frankly speaking, i did not understand whats about Cryptocurrency, but the trust in this unique business woman was in place he first second!

“The only thing that is important for us is that the One Dream Team, as we call ourselves now, is successful, it has never been about the money for us, if it would have been about the money we could have stayed in Organo Gold” – Christian Steinkeller.

After just 6 months One Dream Team, which is the new name of the team, now has tens of millions in revenue every month and are one of the biggest, and fastest growing, teams in OneCoin.

The Brothers, and their “adopted one or d’Artagnan as they say themselves and laugh”, are making more money in One Dream Team, working with OneCoin than they ever did in Organo Gold or with any other Network company. And even more importantly is that all the actively working leaders of the team are also making more than they ever did in Conligus.

“It is about the team and the people it holds, and we will always work for them,” adds Christian. Looking at the brothers and Staffan Liback when we interview them, they seem relaxed and happy. When I ask them if they regret stepping out of Organo Gold to go their own way they all simultaneously answer a ringing NOOO “mistakes are only proof that you are trying” says Aron.

“I say like Winston Churchill “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” says Staffan.

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