Mihail Petrovic – OneCoin Achieves $350,000 Per Month

Mihail Petrovic, OneCoin


Mihail Petrovic has made a name for himself in the Network Marketing industry in rapid speed, growing to become one of the top earners in the industry in an incredibly high tempo.

The Serbian born Network Marketer has been in de industry for 8 years and has become a successful leader and motivator.


‘It’s all about communication. I always suggest people to stop speaking about things that don’t matter. Focus on positive things that will bring you forward. This will change the way you think. Communicate with people, share your ideas, share your thoughts and share your emotions. Network Marketing is fairly simple: Make connections, share information and get paid for it in the process. Easy!”

Mihail understood from an early point that becoming successful has everything to do with the people you surround yourself with. By selectively choosing which persons had a good influence, and not a bad influence on him, his life changed drastically.


“I didn’t want to listen to negative people anymore. I was done. I decided to surround myself with successful people, people that I respected, and also respected me. It might seem hard to find sometimes, but actually they are all around you if you just open your eyes! Listen to their stories, and follow their advice. They have been walking the same path you are walking, and know where the hidden ‘pits’ and dangers are and can teach you how to avoid them.”

The One Dream Team helped Mihail taste the big success, and since then his motivation is unstoppable and he is aiming for the stars.


“They showed me how to capture my true potential. I am happy and I feel satisfied with my life! Even being a multi-millionaire at this point, nothing can beat the feeling of true happiness! I know that anybody can reach the same, by choosing deliberately to start living the life you want to live! Choose the One Dream Team and embrace the people that can change your life. Reach those diamonds in the sky! They are out there, waiting for you.”

It didn’t take much time for Mihail to see the huge potential of One Coin. Having been in several Network Marketing companies before, Mihail immediately saw that One Coin was unique.


“I am not someone who is easy to convince. I just want to see numbers and hard facts. And to be honest, I think everybody should approach an opportunity like that. I remember looking at at the numbers, together with Staffan Liback, of One Coin and knew in a split second that this company was exactly what I was looking for. Numbers never lie!”

After just having been working with One Coin for 7 months, Petrovic has already reached a monthly income well over 300.000 euro ($350,000). Which ranks him in the top 5 of One Dream Team earners and within the top 15 in the industry worldwide.

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