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Bing Voorham, OneCoin

Bing Voorham OneCoin Achieves $120,000 Per Month


Network Marketing is creating numerous of interesting, amazing and inspiring stories. Stories of people that worked their way to the top. We believe that every single human being is born to become successful, it’s like starting life with a blank page: It’s how you decide to fill it in by yourself, that decides what your story will be.

A good example of someone who’s been working hard and never gave up is One Dream Team Top Leader Bing Voorham, born in the Netherlands, and who got involved in Network Marketing already 25 years ago.

Bing “Things were different back then. Network Marketing was new, it was so new that people didn’t really understand what it was about. In fact, it was so new that I was asked to be the main subject of a documentary about Network Marketing. These were the first steps of this type of business becoming mainstream in The Netherlands.” 

It didn’t take long for Bing to create a huge European network. Having a full time real estate company at that time, Bing was swarmed with work. Signing of huge real-estate project in the daytime, giving presentations at night. Developing his skill as a well known and respected public speaker.

Bing “It was incredible. I had a lot of fun, but most of all it was hard work. It really shaped who I am. Big rewards come from hard work, there are no shortcuts. I always have had the ability to find good team members, in both real-estate and Network Marketing my team was exceptionally skilled and talented. Those people are a huge part of where I am now.” 

Like for so many others, the most recent Global Financial Crisis was a turning point in Bing’s professional and personal life. Living in Spain where the crisis was felt especially hard Bing’s real-estate company shrunk. With people holding on to their money being scared of the weak economy, times were though business wise. It was exactly at that moment when good friend and Network Marketing legend Igor Alberts called him up:

Bing “He showed me what he was doing and I got interested. It was the same coffee company the Steinkeller brothers made their fortune in. It took me a year to build another huge network there. In that same time, my real-estate business had started growing again. This time I decided to focus again on real-estate and picking up my normal life in Spain” 

It was again One Dream Team leader Igor Alberts that called up Bing to introduce him to an opportunity he described to be ‘larger than life’.

Bing ‘I told Igor straight off that I wasn’t interested. My business was running well, and I didn’t want to get involved again in Network Marketing. Igor told me he signed me up and that I already made money! – This of course sparked my interest. I looked at OneCoin, saw the huge potential and decided: This is the company I am going for – It was the right decision, in only a few months I made more money than I did in both of the other Network Marketing companies I been involved in, combined! The potential of OneCoin is just incredible!” 

Bing has proven in his career that persistence and hard work pays off. Understanding and applying the power of OneCoin he took the leap of faith and grew a huge organization in record tempo.  In only 4 months time Bing has reached an astonishing 115.000 euro monthly income, building his organization in 14 countries and over 4 continents

OneCoin Top Earners per month earnings:


About OnceCoin

OneCoin is headquartered in Europe with worldwide operations. We focus on core markets such as South East Asian countries, Europe, India and Africa. The company is commited to growth and is opening new regional offices worldwide. The fast expansion is due to the growth of its traders and we have set the goal of creating a market with more than 1 million traders and issuing 2.1 bn OneCoins.

OneCoin is more than just a cryptocurrency. To make it successful and unique, we have created a whole concept and universe to make One a market leader in the crypto world. We offer core financial education on crypto-currency in the OneAcademy, an online exchange, and we partner with one of the hottest and newest hybrid crypto-currencies – the Aurum coin.

OneCoin uses the latest cryptographic technology and security standards and has a solid marketing concept – enhanced by the OneLife Plan. OneCoins and Aurum Gold Coins, an unique hybrid currency that is backed up by real and solid gold.

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