Esteban Merizalde – OneCoin Onelife Network Achieves $ 120,000 Per Month

Esteban Merizalde, OneCoin, Onelife Network


Most people who fail to achieve success often collect time like millionaires collect things that rarely use.

Esteban Merizalde from Quito, Ecuador – South America – is a great example of a person who, over ten years ago, decided to make good use of his time in a race to become the best student of success.

Esteban Merizalde: It was a process of continuous personal and professional growth that has taken me through various stages of my career. I knew how to recognize and to choose an opportunity and I am very grateful for each of those presented to me so far.

 Being a pioneer is not the same as being a distributor, this is a characteristic phrase of this leader.

In this industry it’s much easier to join as a distributor to a company that has already existed for years, but it’s not what creates more revenue. Merizalde knows that in order to succeed you should always bet on a growing opportunity and take a massive success-oriented action.

Esteban Merizalde: For all these features and more, I am very happy to join Onelife and One Dream Team.

Onelife, being much more than a sales company, is the result of the creation of this impressive global community that will make a positive impact on the world by OneCoin and OneAcademy in the terms of Financial Education and Personal Economy of each of the families that are part of it. Provided that they take this project seriously and professionally making a social and transcendental impact in the future of means of payment.

Knowing how to choose a team is as important as choosing a company. And One Dream Team is a solid and active team that grows rapidly thanks to its fresh and revolutionary image.

Esteban Merizalde is clear in his ideas: One Dream Team is making history in this industry and in the financial market. Every leader contributes to this brand with respect and professionalism, creating a community. It is the true concept of determined leadership, with results and a family united by the same vision within this industry.

Latin America was a major pillar for this opportunity, and Merizalde, coming from Ecuador, was one of the first jewel in this company.

Esteban Merizalde: When I found out that OneLife was about to launch OneCoin in Latin America I felt that it was my moment to take action and to take this opportunity to thousands of families in every country of our continent.

After 8 months, with more than 8,000 staff and hundreds of leadership ranks in different countries, we are ready to start creating the biggest success story of this industry in America.

And I, personally, am happy and privileged to lead this new challenge: to take OneCoin as soon as possible to each of the Latin American countries and thus to be able to present this opportunity to most people in the shortest possible time, together with each of the leaders that join the One Dream team in Latin America every day.

Bill Gates wisely said: The secret of success in business is to detect where the world is going and to get there first. Esteban Merizalde and Onelife know where it’s going.

Esteban Merizalde: I invite you to take action in order to become a successful person with us. The opportunity is now in your hands .

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