OneCoin – OneLife Sales Are $500 Million+ Per Month

Pablo Munoz, CEO, OneCoin, OneLife


According to our information, despite the bad press OneCoin and their marketing Arm OneLife gets, sales are topping $500+ Million per Month.

At this growth rate the company will be the largest direct selling opportunity in 2017 in the world, passing well known giants as Amway and Avon.

Earlier OneCoin – OneLife annouced their intention to go public:

The company press release:

It is with great pride that we announce the first steps OneCoin is taking toward being publicly traded.
The procedure every company has to go through in order to become listed on the stock exchange is long and complicated, so we are sharing the information 15 months in advance, so we can all prepare accordingly. It is official – OneCoin is going public in the second quarter of 2018, and we want the coin to be open to everyone willing to buy and sell OneCoins.
Our goal is to become the first fintech, cryptocurrency and e-commerce company to be listed on a stock exchange. That is why we have launched an Initial Public Offering to allow all our Members to become part of this historical event. The only way to be part of the IPO is to hold OneCoins. You will be able to exchange these OneCoins over the next months for so-called OFCs.

An OFC is a Future Certificate that entitles you to receive shares in the company OneCoin.

Please also note that will be closed to prepare for the IPO. Until then you can exchange your coins for OFC – or spend coins on our newly launched e-commerce platform

OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova announcement

About OneCoin – OneLife

The OneLife Network is a network marketing company, an exclusive membership club dedicated to financial education and providing a work-from-home opportunity to its members. The OneLife Network is constantly growing its portfolio of products and services and expanding outside education in order to provide new opportunities to its members.

The OneLife Network is part of the OneCoin ecosystem and allows its members to mine and trade with OneCoin. For more information, please visit

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