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OneCoin, OneLife, Roald Mailly, Patricia Numan

Roald Mailly And Patricia Numan – OneLife Achieve $129,000 Per Month


Roald Maily and Patricia Numan are currently ones of the major prime examples of Network Marketing professionals in theNederlands, with their own Success 4 All – OneDream Team OneLife organization that goes beyond any borders, not only in Europe, but also worldwide.

They met as teammates in the first company where they both began their career in Network Marketing, and now, in addition to being a successful team, they are a happy couple who perfectly represents what success is.

These two industry professionals have been working for more than 15 years gaining experience in sales, leadership and different types of markets and products.

Both were very young when they found out about Network Marketing, but took full advantage of their individual and professional growth, which led them to achieve success in many of the companies they have worked for. Mailly and Numan are known to devote themselves passionately to their teams and to give everything to reach the goals they set.

They have worked in very different companies, companies with different approaches, with products for health, cosmetics and even more technological products such as internet and telephony services. This varied experience not only has made them adaptable to any environment and always ready to learn and challenge themselves, but has also predisposed them to take an interest in everything that may be a new way of doing things.

Something that involves defying everything that we think by default and that makes us see things from another point of view. Patricia herself confesses that something that attracted her in Network Marketing when she first heard about it at age 19, besides the possibility of earning some extra money, was that it was a new model for her, something that nobody taught her at school, nobody considered as an opportunity for the future.

No one from her surrounding, nor her parents, would have mentioned the industry either positively or negatively. It was simply something new and something that offered her to start from the very beginning, and progress and rise to the top levels with her own effort and no limits.

As for Roald, one of the main reasons for him to work in this industry and why he recommends Network Marketing to anyone who looks for an alternative job opportunity is simple: freedom and time. Not only financial freedom, but the freedom one can gain when one can decide what to do with their time, the time dedicated to work and the time dedicated to other areas of life, the latter more than possible.

Both points of view end up evolving in a style of Networking oriented towards financial and personal freedom and constant innovation. It is a successful team.

Currently, they are working with the OneLife opportunity, where they are also getting extraordinary figures. In just 11 months, since they started working with the company, they are already billing more than $ 100,000 per month. They got the Diamond rank after only four months of work and now they are very close to the Blue Diamond title, some achievement!

But what brought them to OneLife?

We had heard of the company, but we were not very sure, just like many people at the beginning. But our friends Igor and Andreea called us, and they were doing amazing things there.

Patricia tells us. She speaks about Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, both Black Diamonds in OneLife, who currently occupy the number 3 position of Top Earners.

We didn't have to be too convinced, it was clear that they were doing something really important and that it was really paying off. And they knew that this could be an opportunity for us, too.

We are very grateful for that advice, adds Roald. They wanted to share something spectacular with us, and thanks to that conversation, we are now creating an ever-growing team of people who find another level of freedom with such a powerful tool as financial education.

Both talk about what it is, a business of the future with a product of the future, brought to our present. And their plans for the future? They don't talk that much about reaching another rank as about their own commitment to the company's vision, combining it with their own personal vision.

Explained more clearly: their long-term goal is to work on an economic alternative free from traditional institutions and, of course, they want people to have full control over their money and not the other way around. OneCoin and OneLife have meant something very unique and important to us when we really understood what it meant, what the vision was. We didn't look at the product simply as a product. Not only are we creating wealth in the lives of many people, we change the way we understand money and how it works.

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