Interview With Caribbean OneLife Top Leader Anderson Chester

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Anderson Chester, 38, was born in Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition to his experience in the traditional business, he has more than 10 years of network marketing experience, chiefly on the Caribbean islands: Trinidad and Tobago, but also Suriname, Jamaica, Barbados and St Maarten. Chester moves mainly, although not exclusively, through these territories with a very clear mission.

He and his team are achieving great results with a philosophy that promotes network marketing as something more than just a business or a job, but as a tool available to many people.

He is a man with clear ideas, which is perfectly reflected in his direct, concise and at the same time complete way of explaining his experience in the network marketing industry.

An industry that attracted him, like many other people, because of the promise of freedom and a dream lifestyle. That promise has now come true:

“I am now able to live my life without any fear of not being able to properly provide for my family and live my dreams. I am now able to travel the world inspiring others to live their best lives.”

Anderson Chester works in the Caribbean network marketing system as part of the successful OneLife Success 4 All team. Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala are the leaders of the Success 4 All team, and they are also ranked number 2 in our Top Earners list.

I asked him how he started:

“I started in network marketing 13 years ago whilst I was training to be an Insurance agent.” Anderson responds. Although that wouldn’t be a definitive step to success, it was important and perhaps the greatest one. It is the first step so as to begin to understand the industry and to create the contacts that would later lead to this right moment.

“I first heard about OneLife exactly one year ago, when I was invited by Igor & Andreea  to the Coin Rush Event at the Wembley Stadium in London.”

“At the time, I had a job working in the logistics department of a company, and it was a very busy period. So, my decision to even attend that event left me unemployed.”

A risky step, but perhaps not so much for someone who already has experience in the industry and knows how to detect a good opportunity when presented. Anderson Chester himself says he knew that his decision to become an IMA in OneLife was going to be one of the best ones he would ever take. So far, he has proved it with time, and if at first he was already attracted by the OneLife project, now he is a true believer convinced of the concept:

“In the past year, the quality of leadership provided by my Black Diamond mentors Igor Alberts & Andrea Cimbala was invincible. The great leaders around the world I’ve been able to meet taught me a lot. I believe we are at the right place at the right time with the right company. Our education platform is the vehicle I’ve been looking for with the relevant and practical information to positively impact people globally.”

“In the Caribbean, we embrace network marketing as a tool for entrepreneurial development and financial freedom. I want to help 1% of the Caribbean own OneCoins within the next 12 months. This represents at least 400k miners. It also gives me the opportunity with the team to financially educate these people with cutting edge information to benefit them from the upcoming financial revolution.”

He may achieve this goal pretty soon. We can see the leadership in his team rising, and Anderson has very clear objectives: there will be more Diamonds soon.

“In network marketing, achieving the rank of Diamond means that you are also helping others win. In the Caribbean, the Diamond Rank drastically improves the lifestyle as well, so my mission is to help as many people as possible achieve the Diamond rank.”

Among the top names on his team, who perhaps will get the Diamond rank soon, are Cordel King James, Patrice James, Gordon Stenhuijs, Gideon Granger, Duane Marc Anthony… Anderson points out that these and other members of his team are the true architects of his success:

“Without them, I am nothing,” he says with solemn humility, and then adds that “network marketing is about building people, not companies, but people, without helping the team, we are nothing.”

The effort of his team is very important, but he’s grateful not only for that:

“I thank God, my wife Anica Chester, who always stood and worked by my side and gave me the power and freedom to continue even in the darkest moments of my MLM career, my upline leaders and mentors Igor E Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, my family, my always present upline Bing Voorham, Jose Gordo, Mariana Lopez de Waard, Bart Smet and Staffan Liback, and once again, my team. for believing in me and the vision of Dr. Ruja.”

And his biggest dream, as he confesses, is to keep helping people for many more years and without limits through network marketing, an industry that has proven to be the vehicle of great plans and big dreams.

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