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Iulian Cimbala is part of the successful network marketing team Success 4 All led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala and is ranked number 39 in the Top Earners rating with earnings of more than 250,000 per month.

That means: he is among the fifty most successful people today in this business all over the world. In addition, he recently has managed to reach the Blue Diamond rank enjoying one of the best moments of his career.

And all this without even having reached the age of thirty. He has a unique and genuine enthusiasm for this industry and also the necessary skills to manage part of Success 4 All in several European countries in a very successful way.

Today, in this interview, Iulian himself lets us better understand his success through his own experience and his vision of network marketing.

You stand out for your young age and solid success. You are already a mentor at the age when other people only begin to discover that there are other alternatives. Do you think it’s as an advantage or as a disadvantage?

I definitely see it as an advantage, because I have more time available in my life to spend it on inspiring and helping more people follow my mission in the financial freedom, and helping other people start dreaming again.

But by becoming a Top Leader, dealing with huge organisations worldwide, I became adult in a really short period of time. At the beginning, I was just a normal boy who just finished high school, with not really big plans for the future, no idea about life or businesses. I felt really bad because of the pressure and all the responsibilities that I started to bear, but by having a mentor like Mr. Igor Alberts, who took care of my soul and believed in me, I became stronger and a better person.

Ilulian Cimbala In Japan

Did you have to overcome any personal challenge when starting in this industry?

The first great challenge that I had to face was to find people interested in the opportunity, and I was rejected hundreds of times by a lot of people, strangers, but also a lot of close people. Then I looked at myself and understood that I would never follow a person like me.

So, I started to work on myself. It wasn’t easy, because I had a big ego, and realizing that I needed to change wasn’t something that made me feel comfortable. At the beginning, it was very hard to accept the criticism of my uplines, especially if it was about something that I thought I was doing amazingly well. But step by step my ego went down, and I really mastered the skill of listening and understanding.

I also had to face the challenge of being prejudged because of my age. At the beginning, people didn’t want to take with me seriously, they thought that because I was young, I couldn’t share anything new with them, they knew better. Unfortunately, I was the victim of prejudice, like other people are because of their gender, religion, nationality, background, colour of skin, etc… But that challenge made me much more motivated to become better, so I can prove them that they made a mistake and to show them that everything is possible.

So, it was hard for you to start in network marketing. Did you get any support from those around you?

When I started, I was the black sheep in my family, and a lot of close people hurt me, including my parents and friends. Especially my mother and my older sister: they were laughing at me and advising me to give up that nonsense, because I would never succeed in something like that, so better to have the security of a normal job.

Later, I managed to understand that some people will never be able to see the life the way we see it. During my process of my evolution as a leader, I suffered a lot seeing many people who, for many reasons, not only wouldn’t give an opportunity to me, but also didn’t want to give their own future a chance.

Who believed in me was my younger sister Andreea. She joined my team in our previous company, and we both became black sheep of the family, until the effort began to give results. We were both very young, we took risks and we had to learn a lot, but… now everything makes sense.

How would you briefly describe network marketing to someone who isn’t familiar with this business model?

I will start by asking them if they have a religion, and then I will explain them what Jesus Christ did by sharing a message or a vision with his 12 apostles. They were very motivated and because of that they started to go everywhere in the world and share with everybody a message that today has arrived in billions of people. This is the power of network marketing. One finds 12, and these 12 will spread the message to other people, and those will do the same.

I would also describe it as an industry created by the people, with the people and for the people. A proven industry that created many more millionaires than the traditional business system.

The team is something of great importance for any networker. Tell us about your personal experience with your team and the fact of teaming up with your own family.

I see my team as my family. We cannot choose our parents or our brothers and sisters, but in this business, we can choose them. We can choose our family because staying with them must be something nice and bring happiness to our hearts.

Like in a family, in the business, when people start, they are babies: they don’t know what to do, how to do it or maybe why to do anything, so they start growing. The most beautiful part is seeing babies becoming adults. People come from nowhere, people that were rejected by the society; they start in network marketing and became stars shining in the sky. This is one of the most beautiful sensations.

What would you most highlight of OneLife?

The Ruja’s vision about making a combination between network marketing, cryptocurrency and e-commerce had an extreme success. The company has expanded worldwide in a very short time, and this is something incredible that has never happened in the industry.

This company is growing so quickly and it has achieved such success that we cannot compare it with other network companies, but with the giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft…

What I like most about OneLife is the vision of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, a vision that is aimed to change and revolutionise the concept of money, by educating the people, but mostly by letting us understand and own the next step in the evolution of money.

Now that you’ve reached the Blue Diamond rank, is it so different from being a Diamond? What is the most important thing about this rank?

Being a Blue Diamond is very different from being a Diamond. When a Diamond, you need to help 3 people to become Diamonds like you, and you need to get involved personally, so you will almost feel the process of those 3 people becoming Diamonds. This process makes you almost 10000% united with your leadership.

Becoming a Blue Diamond means being 3 times better than when you were a Diamond, so the difference is huge in terms of turnovers, money and also leadership. It’s a very valuable: once a Blue Diamond, you get recognised internationally.

This question may sound a bit like a job interview, but forward thinking is important in network marketing, so where do you see yourself in five years?

I really believe that 5 years from now, I will be surrounded by tens of thousands of people, a huge worldwide family of leaders of different categories and levels of leadership. All people who have followed my leadership and vision over these years have reached the highest level of financial freedom that you can ever achieve on this planet.

I really believe that in the next 5 to 10 years from now, the industry and the profession of network marketing will be the most respected in the world as well as the most accessible option for financial freedom.

So your long-term goal is to change our perception of the industry?

I will make this industry better than it is now. I will start by making the people better. I want to create a revolution within the network marketing industry based on professionalism, inspiration and faith, and educate people to see the industry differently without underestimating it. This is really a short-term plan, because I aspire to be able to create long-lasting changes in my teams and let them leave a legacy for the next generations. All because we are now transforming the industry. That is really my dream.

I really believe I’m making a good contribution to the world, so I can say that having left something good, I can live in peace.

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