Interview With Dutch Top Earner Arjan Koopmans

Arjan Koopmans Diamond Leader OneLife

Arjan Koopmans is currently a member of the well known and very active network marketing Success 4 All team, which in turn belongs to the OneLife family.

The team was founded by its current leaders from the Netherlands, Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala.

Arjan, also from the Netherlands, has been working in the network marketing world since the 1980s. That makes this leader a veteran who has seen the evolution of the industry, the markets and companies for more than 30 years. During all this time, he has been combining his career as a networker with the management of his own traditional company, which he founded after his first four years in network marketing.

However, despite having seen the transformation of the markets very closely, he got a surprise he hadn’t seen coming: the almost immediate success of OneLife. Arjan wasn’t very enthusiastic about the rise of this fintech at the beginning, like many of those who are now his colleagues did.

“I was angry because of losing many people. I didn’t trust the company, because they were less than 2 years active, and I was jealous of their huge success.”

A new company was achieving something that took Arjan years to reach.

“Despite everything, the company, my team and I tried hard, but I was earning less every year. At some moment, I lost hundreds of team members, who went to OneLife. So I asked my upline in the company what to do about it. They couldn’t give me any useful advice.”

This is why Arjan Koopmans came to OneLife: he saw that it was becoming a market-dominant company. Gripped by curiosity, Arjan looked up the names of the company’s associates on Business For Home and discovered that he knew the people who were in the rankings.

“Then I saw Igor and Andrea at number 4. I had never seen a Dutch person in the Top 10 before.”

Arjan told me an interesting story. He knew Igor E. Alberts, although he hadn’t worked with him directly. Arjan knew Igor as a person who was always embarking on new adventures, although had never prospered or gotten as high as he is now at OneLife. Arjan remembers that Igor borrowed some money from his sister a few years ago and now had the opportunity to pay it back.

“After 34 years in this industry, I realised that in order to succeed you need 4 components. 1. The right company. 2. The right timing. 3. The right product or service 4. The right upline. I remember the Blue Diamonds Patricia Numan and Roald Mailly.

Those two are a perfect couple with all these ingredients. I called them, and we spoke for 4 hours. After that I went to sleep and prayed for it for one night. Next day, I told Roald that I was keen to work with them if they do me the honour. I didn’t want to sign up people from my former MLM organization so as to avoid negative energy and to keep the income which I’ve built up in 17 years there. By calling my name, Igor remembered the fact that he was still in debt with my sister and wanted to pay her and her husband back by buying an education pack for them. That was so funny that I immediately decided to join”.

This way, Arjan’s team begins with him, his wife and son and some friends. Someone like Arjan, with more than thirty years in this business, knows enough people who may be interested in such a new eye-catching opportunity as that of OneLife. And in just a few days, Arjan got the Ruby rank.

Only seven months later, he became a Diamond.

However, the Diamond rank didn’t impress this industry professional too much. He admits that his life hasn’t taken any spectacular turn. He is pretty much used to this business, and it wasn’t the first time he had reached the Diamond rank, although this time he achieved it in a very short period of time. “In my mind, this is just one of the stations my career will pass by on my journey to the top.”

Anyway, Arjan is focused on the Blue Diamond rank and the possibility of creating more Diamonds in his team, not only for the money they can earn, but for the personal development bound to that process. Especially when one reaches it for the first time. Arjan says helping others grow is something he really loves.

At this moment, Arjan leads a great team that works in several parts of the Netherlands. He is considering starting to expand that team engaging people from other countries, which it is something he is already familiar with. Arjan’s words about his team are professional and very affectionate: “I love my team and I respect them! Without the team, there are no leaders! All of them are important. Each of them. It’s like my Rolex: even if the smallest wheel in it doesn’t work, the whole watch will get broken. Every component, from the smallest to the tallest, matter for the result”.

Continuous work, his knowledge of the industry and his admiration for it, his respect for the team and mutual trust are part of his current success. But for Arjan, the inspiration of his own family is also important. He also mentions his faith in God as a great source of energy that encourages him to work every day. And on a more down-to-earth side, the people who have influenced his growth, his philosophy and his success are those he calls happy inspirers: Bishop Jakes, Igor Alberts, Jim Rohn, Jan Bommerez, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela among others.

Being part of OneLife was inevitable, Arjan says, not only because it is dominating the market, but because it is one of those projects that, once in operation, transform everything around them. “I couldn’t avoid it myself, nor can anybody else in the future! I really see it as the future of payments with a very high potential. Necessary for everybody! I respect Dr. Ignatova as a genius. You will use the cryptocurrency eventually, you like it or not. So you can see it happen or make it happen.”

In addition to the OneLife project, network marketing as an industry in general is something that Arjan has valued throughout his life. He restates this fact: it is more than a business or a job, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that delights, that provides freedom and the necessary tools to create the life you want and how you want it. And enjoy every day.

“One of my team members who is 70 years old, told me: “I was asleep and only felt all kind of body pain. I was even suicidal, but now I feel I’m alive again and have a reason to live!” Isn’t it great? Even if this all was only for him, then I’m satisfied.”

Beautiful words that perfectly sum up what this industry means to thousands of people involved.

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