Interview with Thanh Duong From Vietnam – OneLife Blue Diamond

Interview with Thanh Duong From Vietnam OneLife Blue Diamond

With more than 10 years in the industry, Thanh Doung is rising in the Australian market, where the Success 4 All team led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala is achieving a significant development of leaders and sales.

Thanh already has a strong presence in the network marketing industry of that country and other parts of the world. He has recently got the Blue Diamond rank, one of the most prestigious titles in this business. For Thanh, such a distinction is not only a sign that his work is bearing fruit, but that the industry and the company work perfectly.

“I have reached the Blue Diamond rank after 6 months, which is something I am proud of. Not just because of the name of Blue Diamond, but also because I have proven that our system works perfectly, and I can do it. This also means the whole team can do it, too!”

Born in Vietnam but working mainly in Australia, there is certain interest about how he, as a networker, sees the differences between the two markets. We know Vietnam is really one of the most active points of the company, with very high ranks and which was one of the first to embrace the concept of the project. But for Thanh, although each country has its peculiarities, network marketing is something universal.

“Every country has its own culture, different way of life and different jobs that they prefer, however network marketing is the modern job model that people need to accept.”

Network marketing is the future. Or rather, it’s already the present that we have yet to recognize. For Thanh Duong, network marketing is the solution to many of labor problems of almost any country:

“We don’t want to sell our health for money working 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, then 10 years or 20 years or even work for the whole life just for money,”

he says with regard to the traditional employment model. Something that motivates him to work every day must be much more than just paying the bills of the month.

This feeling played an important role when he decided to become part of this industry, more than ten years ago. Even if he hadn’t discovered this profession for himself, he recognizes that his dream would always have been the same: to get a financially free life. In a way, it’s the main dream of many of us, even before we know the exact definition of that lifestyle.

For Thanh, network marketing is not really a difficult job. It can be hard for some, but when you work on what you like and surrounded by people who make up a good team, you don’t call it hard work, and besides: “Work smart, you don’t need to work hard. By saying this, we have to know how to leverage other people. Work in the team and for the team and support each other to succeed.” That’s the secret to his success: working smart and supporting his people. It is certainly paying off.

His philosophy of freedom and unity bears fruit, but he confesses that “my success cannot be achieved without the team under me. Deep from bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank all my brothers and sisters who have been working together from the first day. We are close like a family, the big OneLife family.” His words to his team are sincere and heartfelt, and he doesn’t only mention them when it comes to telling how he has gotten to where he is from where he started in this company. He reminds us about those who brought this opportunity to him:

“I’d like to thank Steve Condos and Damien Barnes for their initial support, and special thanks to Mark & Mikki Nishiyama who came all the way from Japan to Australia and opened my eyes.

I sincerely thank Igor Albert and Andreea Cimbala for their huge support. I have learned a lot from these people.”

After looking briefly at his recent past, we look to the near and far future. Specifically, towards the goals he has set for himself and his team:

“I hope all the team members take their step to change their lives faster, also changing other people’s lives. Keep working hard. And I hope that with this opportunity, I can pay it forward to lots of people, especially to the next generation.”

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