Interview With Dr. Parwiz Daud OneLife Blue Diamond In The UK

Interview With Dr. Parwiz Daud OneLife Blue Diamond In The UK

Dr. Parwiz Daud is one of the leading networkers OneLife has in the UK and one of the top leading, world wide operating Blue Diamonds on the Success 4 All team from Igor E.  Alberts and Andreea Cimbala.

He has appeared in reports and interviews on Business Intelligence, SKY, ATN news and Mehr TV among others talking about the company, its product and its plans.

He is also a health professional, specialist in endocrinology and diabetes, a member of the UK Diabetes organization. He has carried out research related to diabetes and periodontal disease, where he lectured at Oxford, and has worked at University Hospitals of Leicester.

He is also a senior certified speaker who offers motivational talks.

Although he is also familiar with the world of business: he used to have retail and wholesale business of travel goods. Business that perhaps served as an experience, but didn’t give him time for anything else. It was later when he decided on a medical career…

With this track record, the first question is obvious. Why has he become interested in a Network Marketing company in the area of FinTechs instead of health-oriented products?

Dr. Parwiz Daud entered the world of Network Marketing attracted by the idea of becoming an entrepreneur with a possibility to create and take an active part in society, transforming what he believed needed improvement.

“As I was a visionary to do big things in life, I quickly realised that I can achieve much bigger goals by embracing this concept.

Honestly speaking, I became a network marketing professional for the sake of my vision and my medical profession. For instance, my dream was to build hospitals for the people who cannot afford to pay for their treatment, I also wanted to take some big steps in educating people, running charities and so on”

And then OneLife came and its concept, but, above all, its ecosystem as many of the associates tend to set activities around the company. In particular, the utility of OneAcademy, OneWorld Foundation programs and the fact that, according to company plans, in the future, they could create an alternative option for people without access to banking around the world.

Dr. Parwiz Daud with International Top Leaders

But beyond that, the fact that OneLife has become one of the most lucrative opportunities in the market has contributed as well.

“In order for me to achieve my goals of providing healthcare services to a big number of people, I need a great deal of finances and I could see a potential within this industry and I always believed in myself and my abilities.

OneLife/OneCoin came as a full package where I can potentially learn for profit where my dreams can come through, also educating people, taking part in the charitable work and influencing a positive change in the entire world. That is why I chose to become a full-time entrepreneur than a healthcare professional practicing in a hospital or lecturing at a university. I would rather have time and financial freedom so I can help and support a greater number of people who are in need of medical care”.

With only three years in this industry, it seems that he has also become a specialist in it, given the results he is harvesting in the UK. He says that both fields (medicine and network marketing) are very different but similar in some way.

“In terms of helping people and serving the community there are many similarities between the two, however, Health-care Professionals are academics and university graduates whereas Network Marketing professionals are from different walks of life. This is probably one of the reasons I like this profession because we can provide everyone an equal opportunity to do better and bigger things in life. ”

He says that he owns his success to a leadership model that aims to create results in a short time for those who start in the team, through action, mentoring and education so that each can become an independent professional as soon as possible and begin to have an income.

Dr. Daud is a leader who has it very clear about how he wants his team to be.

“We strive towards a better future and together we achieve more. When it comes to discipline I am tough and in our organization, we advise everyone to stay away from jealousy, greed, gossiping and blaming, rather we focus on edification, encouragement, empowerment, respect and dedication.

And it only becomes a successful team if it is a family. We build relationship with all our members and we have a fun time together, learning time together and all achievements in the team belong to all of us. We spent lots of time with our business partners so we make sure that we become one family so we can actually enjoy and win together in this beautiful and innovative company… ”

As part of that large family, he mentions to belong to, he doesn’t want to forget to mention some people he considers important so that his team and its success have been possible.

“All my business partners and members of the OneLife family, particularly my youngest brother and business partner, Mr Mansour Tawafi, my special mentors and uplines Mr Kari Wahlroos the European ambassador, Mr Jose Gordo the Latin American ambassador, Mr Staffan Liback, Ms Mariana Lopez de Waard, and our personal sponsors who are the true legendary champions of this whole industry Mr Igor Alberts and Mrs Andreea Cimbala. ”

But looking to the future, Dr. Daud’s goals go beyond the next rank, or next year. His goals go together with the company when it comes to talking about improvements in education and the economic circumstances of the people in his country and the rest of the world, but they are separated from his great long-term goal, where Network Marketing has served, above all, as an impeller of plans and ideas.

“I have a goal to start running big medical projects by 2020, however, one should continue to take part in noble causes at all times. I am also part of running a charity educating and engaging young people in positive activities here in the UK. We have been helping youth with their school subjects, sports activities, social and family matters since 2010 on a voluntary basis. ”

But for now, he is very committed to the idea of OneLife and ensures that distracting and jumping from one project to another would only hinder his plans. And he leaves us a reflection that links the OneLife philosophy with his own.

“One of the greatest deteriorating psychological and depression issues in many patients could be tough financial circumstances. Hence, we need a healthier, wealthier society. “

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