Interview with Top Earner Luca Miatton From Italy

Interview with Top Earner Luca Miatton From Italy

Luca Miatton is a full entrepreneur. He is a businessman who has been involved in various industries and sectors, has been in the world of sales, banking and even politics.

He is a member of the successful team founded by Top Earner Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, Success 4 All, where he is dedicated almost entirely to the promotion to the merchants of the advantages of the DealShaker online platform.

Close before turning 50, this Italian businessman, decided that he still had to live another adventure and another opportunity to undertake.

“Due to my financial background, I have been skeptical for 6 months but in the mean time I studied the vision of the company and financial education that the company offers and the OneAcademy program.

I got impressive information about cryptocurrency, all information that, honestly, I didn’t know and that completed the last part of the puzzle in my head. ”

Although the OneCoin, OneLife and OneAcademy ecosystem seemed attractive, and he became IMA, in addition to managing his own businesses, it was the arrival of DealShaker that really motivated Luca to turn 200% to this project.

Now, in spite of being his first experience in the world of payments in crypto currency, and even of the e-commerce, Luca Miatton has become almost an ambassador of the platform, or at least one of its greater experts in Europe, thanks to the passion that this method has awakened in him and to the great potential that he has seen in DealShaker like impeller of merchants.

“There are many advantages of publishing deals on the platform right now, and more to come in the future. No matter what you sell, you automatically gain visibility and a worldwide potential market of 3.5 million people, all members virally connected between each other, from more than 100 countries across the globe. Automatically, the sales are going to increase in a short period of time. ”

In fact, Luca Miatton owns two hotels and a restaurant in the city of Verona that have been highly benefited by DealShaker.

“Since I started to accept OneCoin as a payment system for my hotels and restaurant, in the last 5 months have been visiting countries on almost every continent on the globe”.

Tourists come knowing that In Italy they have a place where to pay with their OneCoins during their trip, increasing the bookings exponentially since being registered on the platform.”Dealshaker and OneCoin cryptocurrency have transformed my business from a national to an international one”.

Luca describes what is the reality that many people don’t see at first sight when we talk about increased sales or bookings. Not only its visits have increased and also its OneCoin portfolio, but the large turnout in your business leads to creating jobs. When a business goes well, it affects more people than the owner. This is how it has happened in his business that now has more employees to serve the clientele.

“I am very proud to be part of this great family and to contribute to the economy by creating jobs when many people need an occupation and a salary. I have this opportunity thanks to DealShaker, but also thanks to Ilenia Turelli, the leader and also the entrepreneur, Roberto Turrini, Silvio Martinelli, Tsoni Goranov and Ivan Tzvetkov, the four musketeers, Iulian Cimbala and, of course, the great mentors Igor E Alberts and Andreea Cimbala. All that we are achieving now is possible thanks to all these people and the whole team. ”

Luca’s vision of DealShaker is that of a tool that, although created to favor the usability of the cryptocurrency, becomes a great advantage for entrepreneurs and merchants.

“An entrepreneur has a lot more advantages than using other advertising platforms. If we compare Dealshaker with other successful companies, taking 50% of the commission on the total value of the transaction, in our case Dealshaker takes only 25%.”

But he recalls that the main mission of DealShaker is to change e-commerce in a deeper and longer term, creating a strong community of users and a currency of widespread use that doesn’t suffer from drastic differences in prices.

“Our visionary founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova said from the beginning that our cryptocurrency gains value by having a strong and big community but also by having strong usability. Usability is the key to reach the mass market being user friendly. Dealshaker assures us a long-term e-commerce business and a long-term cryptocurrency came to the market to stay for the next centuries. ”

Luca Miatton has seen hundreds of transactions of all kinds be made through, DealShaker and has played an active part in making that number of businesses already benefit? from the visibility that the platform gives them. He is especially proud of the business network that has been created in the city of Verona, where he himself has businesses attached to the system. He lists all types of services.

“Restaurants who accept 100% OneCoins, hotels, 1 shop selling sun- and reading glasses, car cling services, informatics courses, beauty and wellness services, shoe producers, tattoo studios, dental clinics and even funeral services for those who leave our world and need graves that can be paid 100% with OneCoins. ”

And many more across the country and the continent.

And more: Luca shares an address that lists business and categorizes them depending on the type of service and the percentage of OneCoins on payment. Europe is full of points.

“All the deals are located manually one by one by the owner of the website who is an IMA. There aren’t all the deals, he has just started, and this is just a beginning.”

However, the points come and go depending on the current offers.

“When a merchant places a really interesting deal, normally it is sold out very fast, especially on a platform like ours, which has 3 million active members. I could see the success and viral speed when some individual IMAs placed some apartments and houses available for sale, a couple of hundreds of new cars being placed by the OneMilionShop Merchant from Poland, electronics devices like iPhones and Travel deals, you could see these deals available only for a couple of minutes and then sold out. That was something impressive! ”

From very common products to luxury objects. He guarantees that in a matter of a couple of months, we will see luxury cars or jewelry on the platform, and that you’ll be able to buy a diamond ring to your wife through this system. And since he is not a man who just waits for those things to happen, he is already working, so that soon, DealShaker catalog will also have some whims for the most select tastes.

“If you have enough coins and you are fast enough to catch the deals, you will also benefit from the fulfillment of my dream.”

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