Gordon Stenhuijs Top Leader In The Caribbean

Gordon Stenhuijs Top Leader In The Caribbean

Gordon Stenhuijs is one of the industry’s top leaders in the Caribbean Islands and Latin America right now. He is also part of the Success4All team, led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala.

Returning to Gordon, we have before us one of the many big names of this rise to the heights, and beyond the team, a man with experience in network marketing and, curiously enough, in high flights.

In 2002, Gordon travelled from Suriname to the Netherlands, where he studied aviation engineering. Until then, his dreams didn’t go much further than to see the world a little more, but it was that first trip that set things in motion.

Back then, my dreams were still disordered and abstract, but I knew that I had greatness inside of me and just needed a new environment to flourish.

There, he met his wife Sharron, and his two older daughters were born in the Netherlands. And that was the family that constituted the main reason why Gordon would change engineering for sales.

My first encounter with network marketing was when I was a student at a university in the Netherlands. I was immediately amazed by the concept of personal development and motivation that is integrated in the industry and also by the freedom and the possibility of working when and with whom you want, Gordon explains, although the following is what really led him to the decision.

A turning point was when I came to the realization while working as an aviation engineer that my career and job didn’t allow me to spend the time and have freedom with my family.

Business Meeting in Suriname

So after several years of living and working in Europe, where he started a family, one day he decided to quit his job and return to Suriname with a new dream in his suitcase.

“I wanted more time and freedom to see my children grow up and I wanted them to see my grandmother while she is still alive.”

Gordon’s grandmother, who had raised him since he was a child, was also the first to tell him that he should follow his dreams, even if it meant leaving the security of a familiar home and exploring new experiences.

I wanted them to experience and learn about our Suriname culture and heritage. So, when an opportunity showed up to bring a network marketing product to the Caribbean, I decided to quit my job and introduce that company to the Caribbean.

Gordon’s wife, Sharron, is also an active part of the team, but she prefers to be out of the spotlight and stage.

She is also in love with the industry of personal development and is my main sparring and brainstorm partner when I need to implement strategies to support and build the teams. She always followed and supported me in several other companies, but always allowed me to be the stage person, while she puts the organization in place behind the scenes. She is good at organizing and loves to have everything perfect.

Beach meeting 🙂

With such enthusiastic, distributed and organized work, it is logical to expect success to knock on Gordon’s door. But it hasn’t been until recently, and after several years of work in the industry, that he has achieved the Diamond rank.

This is the first time that I reached the Diamond level in my career as a networker. It is a rewarding feeling of accomplishment and at the same time a higher sense of responsibility to be a good example for my team. Not just in the business, but as a person in general. It motivates me more to keep growing, work harder and to set a good example for the people to follow.

The beginning of Gordon’s journey up to this very moment was when he decided to leave Suriname fifteen years ago. But it is in June of last year when he began his career in OneLife, his current company and where he has reaped the most important achievements of his career so far.

It all started when his friend and former project partner, Anderson Chester, called him from London, where the OneCoin – OneLife global event, Coin Rush, was being held.

He was invited by Igor Alberts, who I knew from two previous companies. Anderson tried to make me look at OneCoin, but I was at first sceptical and not interested. But I knew that Igor was a very successful networker in other companies. So, my final decision to join was when I personally met Igor in Suriname, and he explained the concept to me and genuinely told me that he believes that I had what it takes to do it with this company and this is my chance to break through.

And certainly, the words of Igor E. Alberts came true in a few months. Although they came to fruition, especially because Stenhuijs understood the vision that Chester and Alberts were presenting to him and embraced it completely, with genuine enthusiasm: what he liked most was the possibility of empowering people through education. And it has a very clear vision of how education and new technologies are a key factor for the development of the society of the next generations.

Technology and education are closely connected if you want to effectively empower and educate this generation. Mobile technology in combination with the internet drives globalisation and makes connectivity, exchange of information and value between people across the globe easy, fast and inexpensive. This can definitely be utilized to make the world a better place.

And of course, Gordon also lets us know that it has been possible thanks to his team: the people who have inspired him and the people for whom he wants to be a source of inspiration and motivation, but also a friend and a brother.

Working closely with people like Igor & Andreea and experiencing success with Onelife is a great motivation to help as many others as possible to experience the financial empowerment that I’m starting to experience. I see my team as a family of people who I obligate myself to help to be the best version of themselves. I see every single team member as a walking miracle, as persons with unlimited potential who only needs to be challenged into expression or manifestation.?

And what does the future hold for Gordon Stenhuijs?

Everything goes to show that this rise of his team will continue, and very soon, we will see several Blue Diamonds born in the Caribbean islands, among which Stenhuijs will be without any doubt. But for him, the future is much more simple and positive. He wants to continue working harder and better, continue to inspire his team and give education and financial freedom to people. But deep down inside, Gordon still remains that young man whose dream was to see the world a little more. Maybe, with a little more ambition now.

I want to travel and visit each single country on this planet. From the North Pole to Antarctica, from the Sahara to the Amazon. And maybe even a visit to the moon.


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