Mansour Tawafi From Afghanistan Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At OneLife

Mansour Tawafi From Afghanistan Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At OneLife

The United Kingdom is one of the most outstanding settings where OneLife  is getting amazing results, and one of the main actors and creators of that monumental success is Mansour Tawafi.

Mansour is a member of the SUCCESS4ALL team, the well-known and successful team founded and led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, who are today one of the highest income networkers in the industry.

He is also a Blue Diamond, since May of this year. And a young leader, but with a potential he has already demonstrated in his work in the UK. Mansour is a sport enthusiast and does paragliding and skydiving, which are hobbies that go to show that there can’t be challenges that frighten him, although he also tells us about his other interests, which are reading and everything that helps him grow.

Mansour also confesses that he was an excellent student at school. All this makes up a perfect combination for success.

Born in Afghanistan, Mansour spent his childhood and the Netherlands and moved to the UK at the age of twelve, where he grew up and developed his career.

“The only thing I knew at the time was to get the best qualifications in order to get a good job and I had a lot of friends who followed that path. But when I saw what their lives were becoming, it made realize that I had to find a better way.”

This clash with the reality of work is very familiar to many who decided for this different industry, although for Mansour, the revelation was much clearer at a younger age.

“I took a gap year between college and university, during which I was employed for 9 months in my first job as a retail assistant. Towards the end of the gap year, I came across my first network marketing company and 2 weeks later left that job and decided I would never work for someone else again.”

Mansour’s new life plan wasn’t welcomed by his family and friends, especially when he decided to completely leave university so as to dedicate himself 100% to the training in network marketing.

The Tawafi Brothers

“I was constantly told by relatives and friends that I was wasting my time, but I never let anyone stop me from achieving my full potential.”

So, instead of giving up on the goal set, Mansour completely turned towards it. He focused on educating himself and learning from all the industry experts he could, attending workshops and participating in training programs. Mansour, who was once a boy with excellent grades at school, became a star student again, and in just one year of intensive work and study, he was earning £10,000 a month. He was only 19 at the time.

“To get to that stage was quite a journey, because I had to learn a lot of skills and elevate my mindset from earning wages to earning profits, and to distance myself from negative and toxic people.”

It was a remarkable achievement for such a young professional, but it was only the beginning. At the end of 2015, Mansour found out about OneLife through a good friend of his, who today is another outstanding leader of the company in the UK, Dr. Parwiz Daud.

“My dearest friend and elder brother Dr. Parwiz Daud knocked on my door at 2am and explained me about OneLife and OneCoin. An event was coming up in Frankfurt with Dr. Ruja Ignatova as the guest speaker, and we decided to go. From the moment I got there and heard Dr. Ruja share her vision, I told myself that this will probably be the biggest project I would ever be part of.”

And as he approached the OneLife concept, Mansour also saw the need for an economic alternative in these changing and unstable times.

“I am truly grateful to the visionary founder of OneLife and OneCoin Dr. Ruja Ignatova for helping millions of people have better hope for the future. I saw how much the value of the pound has decreased since the Brexit decision, and it is likely to fall even more.

Andreea Cimbala, Igor Alberts an Mansour Tawafi

For people to put their money in cryptocurrencies makes more sense today than ever before as we see the need of a better system. Brexit separates us from the world, but the OneLife concept unites the world and allows us to see a brighter future for us and our children.”

So, knowing Mansour as a methodical and devoted leader in anything he puts his mind to, his attitude to the vision of the company, which has a very specific utility in his country, it is easy to understand how he has achieved in just one year and half the rank of Blue Diamond. It is interesting how Mansour often uses the plural “we” when he speaks about that specific achievement. Mansour is a determined person in his goals, but he never forgets about team work.

“My accomplishments are definitely not a solo achievement and would not be possible without some very special people. First and foremost, my business partner and great leader who introduced me to OneLife, Dr. Parwiz Daud, then our fantastic team of visionaries around the planet, and of course, our incredible uplines starting from Staffan Liback, Jose Gordo, Mariana Lopez de Waard and the phenomenal couple and our sponsors Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala.”

And now that we have a good idea of Mansour’s path from the beginning to being a leader he is today, I want to know more about his team in the UK and how this rebirth of OneLife was in these lands.

“Every time people say a country cannot be built or the momentum is dead, we prove them wrong and show that true leaders can build anywhere. Every business has ups and downs, and our leaders kept true to themselves and worked relentlessly.”

His biggest secret of what has happened in the UK, he explains, is mainly a lot of work and the recognition deserved with such work. As well as a system of principles called HIT (Honesty, Integrity and Transparency).

And looking to the future, it is quite correct to predict that Mansour already has his eye on higher ranks, and even on the Crown Diamond. But he also thinks about the future beyond those ranks and even beyond network marketing itself.

“Network marketing has made the biggest impact on my life, and my family and I are forever grateful to the entire industry.

However, I don’t see myself in network marketing forever. I want to support developing countries such as Afghanistan with their educational infrastructure in order to allow the coming generations to have a better life.”

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