Duane Marc-Anthony From Trinidad And Tobago Achieves Diamond Rank At OneLife

Duane Marc-Anthony OneLife

Duane Marc-Anthony is one of the most outstanding leaders of Success4All, the team led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, which is placing the Caribbean and its teams at the front of the industry.

Duane is well loved and referred to by many as Mr. DMA. A native and resident of the Caribbean jewel, Trinidad and Tobago, he is the 4th of 5 children of a middle class family.

Duane’s success story started when his ambition took a serious turn from the corporate world of insurance and finance to that of being involved in a different business that resulted in wealth, success and empowerment of people, as well as in achieving the dream of being financially free.

Being an insurance agent, working long hours, having an unstable income, passing through over exhaustion and, of course, not having free time for friends and family didn’t seem to bring any significant results any time soon, but on the contrary, led to a disaster.

“This obviously was a turning point in my life because as a young married man, I promised my family the world, but there I was watching my car being repossessed,


seeing an empty fridge and wondering what world would I ever give to the people I love.”

And so, one of Duane’s greatest disappointments and breaking points was losing his family, as well as the ills and financial stress that followed upon.

Financial debts were mounting; there were days and nights of hunger, sleeping on the floor, depression, suicidal thoughts, no support from friends etc.

However, Duane was determined not to return to an office or corporate job. He decided to change his life drastically and engaged in a different industry. Since 2005, Mr. DMA has been working in network marketing. At first, he wasn’t getting any results, but something made him insist despite everything and so, he has learned over the years to be the leader he is today.

Trinidad and Tobago Business Opportunity Meeting

Now, Duane is reaching the Diamond rank as a OneLife leader and can say that his effort was worth it. For him, the key was not only in having a clear motivation and the determination not to give up, but also education and personal development.

“I had never heard about personal development before.


My upline at the time gave me this book, “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz and this literally changed my way of thinking.

Network marketing made me become a better person, and I saw that my experience was for a reason: to help other people win and become successful. It gave me the fire and the drive to pursue success in this industry.”

Duane also says that he wanted to rise up not only for himself, but for his little son, Marquise. That child is today his greatest inspiration and motivation in life, and Duane wants to provide him with that freedom he himself dreamed about, and give an example that one doesn’t give up when one has a purpose.

Duane is now a teacher and coach. He has developed wisdom and a vision that inspires his team, and he is determined to make more people discover their strengths and talents. In fact, Duane is preparing to become more than a leader: a global motivational speaker.

“Inspiring people is about giving them a reason to take action. Life must not influence them, but they must influence life.


I want to be known as a person of great power and influence who moves hundreds of thousands to a life of success and personal development.”

And for Duane, success is much more than making money. He has found in this business a greater world of possibilities that go far beyond material gains.

“A lot of people think that it is all about money, but it’s not true. It’s about connecting to the right people and engaging in the right process of growth and development. This is my true reward.

Speaking about the right people, just to mention a few: Leo and Yasmin Soo Tim, the very first Diamonds I’ve met, they are the ones who introduced me to network marketing and personal development. Anderson Selwayne Chester, my personal friend and my personal Blue Diamond upline in OneLife. Jason L. Scott 1st, a great trainer and leader.

This is to me the greatest reward of this business: the possibility to meet mentors who become friends, with the same passion as you, which is that of helping people become their best.”

The story of how Duane ended up at OneLife is really impressive. He first found out about the company because several fellow team members of his were going for that new opportunity. At the beginning, Duane showed some reluctance, but eventually, he had no choice but to accept the fact: everyone who had made that decision was doing well.

And one day, Duane attended a meeting with Igor E. Alberts.

“After 10 minutes at that meeting with Igor, I broke into pieces. That man reached my soul and connected with me like no other.


I was so inspired by his success and his story; I just knew that this was the man I was meant to follow.

That evening was a very humbling moment for me, to be honest. I was committed to be open and ready for change. At the end, he asked me about my decision and I told him that I was all in.”

Duane also speaks with emotion and conviction when it comes to explaining the success of OneLife teams in the Caribbean and what it means for the region.

“The Caribbean is considered the 3rd world, but through the Caribbean Leadership, we have been able to define a new level of financial development for the region. Through OneLife, our vision is to bring financial literacy, impacting at least 1% of the region, which is over 400,000 people.

And so, it has become my personal mission: to create a better place in the Caribbean and make financially free as many families as possible.”

At the last event in Panama, Duane was recognized as a Diamond. And he says that after having reached this rank, there was still a lot of work to be done.

“I left Panama eager to see other people from my team successful, and even more successful than me.


The award was not for me at the end of the day, but more so for them, creating the pathway for their achievement.”

Of course, not only does Duane want to see his team members reach the Diamond rank and beyond, it is also clear that he wants to be one of the next Crown Diamonds, throughout the next year.

Six keywords mark Duane’s motivation and the legacy he wants to leave so as to impact the following generations of his family: Success, Commitment, Power, Freedom, Wealth and Love.

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