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Iulian Cimbala OneLife

Iulian Cimbala has an important responsibility of guiding and coaching several teams that give shape to the European Success4All, the global team founded by his sister Andreaa and Igor E. Alberts.

And it is a responsibility that he carries with very good predisposition and enthusiasm. Something that can be shocking, considering that we are talking about a leader of only twenty-five years of age. At that age, many people are just beginning their professional career or still studying.

But at his twenty-five, Iulian knows very well what his place in the world is right now and what it will be over the next few years. He has already achieved a more than enviable financial status and, since the last time we spoke, has raised several positions in the ranking of TOP EARNERS, to number 27, with the income of more than 300,000 dollars a month.

Iulian confesses that he sometimes looks at his company account as if he needed to prove that it is something real and not a beautiful dream he is having. He is aware that it is only the result of the last years’ work, but it is still a truly titanic achievement.

“I feel amazed, grateful and really blessed. I have always dreamed about reaching this level of income, but I’ve never had the guarantee that I will ever succeed. The only guarantee was myself and the power of my dreams.”

Already when I started 2 years ago this business my life has change drastically into better but right now I fell like I am living in to a wild version of a  modern fairy-tale where I can combine work and pleasure by travelling all around the world, visit the most beautiful places, get in contact with new cultures and make a lot of new friends everywhere.

In the same time I also I have time for my self and for all my adrenalinic experiences that make me feel the taste of life with all its varieties and colours

It is the result of hard work, of a great team that brings results, but Iulian also insists that the company has a lot to do with his development as a leader at the moment. His progress, his lifestyle and his current success might not have been the same, if he hadn’t found OneLife, he says.

“Without OneLife Network, we would never be able to dominate the industry with such incredible results, so I really have a lot of gratitude and admiration for our founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova and for her team that made the dream possible.”

While Iulian sometimes needs a reminder that what is happening in his life is real, some people need much more to understand the reason for such success. More than a reminder, an explanation of why people like Iulian Cimbala thrive, while others don’t. Some will seek answers to reproduce that success, others won’t believe in it and some will even attack.

For those who want to understand his success, Iulian has a message:

“They need to understand that the industry has changed and the opportunities on the market are bigger than ever. My mentors and current sponsors in this company are Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala, the official top earners in the industry. And also, the company that we are doing business with has changed the rules of the game completely through its powerful vision about the future of payments and financial education for people around the world.”

Network marketing is an industry that is evolving and that offers better and bigger opportunities. Finding good mentors is a step, finding a company that would appeal to you is another. But the secret of success is something much more complex, there are many factors involved, and Iulian is very aware of that. He shares with us another essential part of the secret of his success: evolution. A kind of evolution based on a first belief that the industry works and that he can work in it.

“Action, mistakes and self-analysis using the knowledge from books about personal development and leadership made me gain experience. I will never forget what my mentor Igor E. Alberts once told me while I was struggling at the beginning:

“If you want to have more, you need to be more and do more”.

Once you have a strong mindset, you will start to attract the right people in the right business with the right timing, and then the magic of success will take place in front of your eyes. ”

Achieving success is something that doesn’t happen overnight, but Iulian, with five years of experience in this business and results like his, represents the closest thing to a true “sudden success” one can experience. Not as sudden as some might expect and, of course, not fortuitous.

As a young man who has gained considerable experience and a reputable position in the industry, Iulian is the most appropriate person possible to address all those who are taking their first steps or are considering it. His advice to young people who could become the industry’s great leaders in the coming years is clear: this business may be the best education you can get in a society that has changed drastically and where nothing else is going to get you prepared enough to prosper in the labour market.

“We are living in a society where you need to add value to the market, and the MLM industry is a simple and easy way for young people to get the skills that will make them able to live their lives in total financial freedom and peace.”

One of Iulian’s main current goals is to be an example and an inspiration to young people and to the generations that will shape the future of our society. And also young professionals at the same age who haven’t yet found their vocation. Iulian warns that it will not be easy, just as it was not for him, but the very process is important and how it changes you, as well as the result in numbers.

“There will be many challenges during the journey, but like Jim Rohn used to say:

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better, do not wish for less problems, wish for more skills, do not wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom “.

Follow this quote, and whatever happens, you will always be able to rise to the occasion and live the life of your dreams without any concern. “

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