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Ruja Ignatova Founder OneCoin - OneLife

Reports about The Arrest Of OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova Fake News

The smear campaign directed against OneCoin – OneLife has reached a new low, driven by Anti-network marketing website BehindMLM and German based gossip and garbage website Gerlach Report.

Both websites reported on 3 November cheering the arrest of founder Ruja Ignatova in Germany at the München airport.

German based MLM attorney office Schulenberg & Schenkcalled both the female prison in München as contacted the public prosecutor’s office in Bielefeld and stated as follow through partner Stephan Schulenberg:

Today we have phoned the JVA (Female) München Stadelheim Prison and can confirm that our client Dr.Ruja Ignatova was not detained there.


A telephone conversation with the public prosecutor’s office in Bielefeld also revealed that there is nothing there about an arrest and no arrest warrant exists. “

Original German statement:

Wir haben heute mit der JVA München Stadelheim telefoniert und können bestätigen, dass unsere Mandantin Frau Dr. Ignatova dort nicht inhaftiert wurde.


Ein Telefonat mit der Staatsanwaltschaft Bielefeld ergab darüber hinaus, dass man auch dort nichts von einer Festnahme weiß und auch kein Haftbefehl vorliegt.“

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