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Total Life Changes, National Director, Suzanne Ramsel

I Have An Answer! 70-Year-Old Total Life Changes National Director Gets New Lease On Life

One of the beautiful things that Total Life Changes (TLC) brings into the lives of its Independent Business Operators (IBOs) is the ability to break out of the molds life can impose on us. At age 68, many seniors feel as though it’s no longer possible to change course, that things are the way they always will be, for good or ill.

Suzanne Ramsel of Little Rock, Arkansas scorns this kind of thinking. Since joining TLC in June of 2015, Suzanne has risen to the rank of National Director, filling her golden years with green and feeling healthier than she has in years.

At TLC, one of the most important questions an IBO can ask of themselves is Why. Why the hard work for an uncertain reward? Why do I feel confident enough in this product to recommend it to friends and family? “My Why keeps changing,” says Suzanne. “I am 70, I feel amazing. I never want to be a grouchy old lady that doesn?t feel good. I love my energy, I love sharing and caring for others and yes of course I love the financial aspect of this company.”

A grandmother of 15, Suzanne needs that energy to look after her family and her business. Making TLC products like Iaso® Tea and NutraBurst® part of her healthy lifestyle helped Suzanne shed 30lbs. “My husband and I are committed users, and once we started to experience the benefits of these products ourselves we started to realize the opportunity we had on our hands.” Suzanne notes that running a distribution business without having to pay for the upkeep of a store or developing a website gives her an advantage over traditional operators.

That enthusiasm has also helped with her recruiting efforts. “I can look [a potential IBO] square in the eye and say, ‘get on this train because it is speeding up and you can be a part of something where, if you work hard enough, you really can reach your goals and dreams.'” Suzanne believes it is TLC’s leadership that makes it distinct from other multi-level marketing operations.

“Having Phillip Birchfield (current Global Marketing Director, TLC) at the helm is a dream come true. When I was with other MLM companies I would hide at the back of the room praying they never called on me to do a testimonial; with Total Life Changes, I’m always ready to jump out of my chair. I have an answer. I guess that’s become my real Why: I have an Answer!”

Suzanne presently makes over $5,000 per month with TLC, and she continues to expand on her modest early goals. “Right now, I want to make every team member reach the National Director rank, at the least. My long-term goals will never be met. I just keep pushing them further out. I hope I live to be 100 just to see how far I can get!”

About Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes offers a diverse product portfolio of health, wellness and beauty products. President and Tea Executive Officer Jack Fallon created TLC over 16 years ago with a single product: NutraBurst®. Since that time, TLC has continued to develop the Iaso® brand of products to include a diverse and attractive product portfolio matched with a hybrid binary compensation plan that allows IBOs of TLC to be rewarded quickly for introducing new customers to our products and business opportunity. Find out why so many are saying, ?It really is different over here.?


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