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Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala

Backed by a large and dynamic team of 300,000 distributors, this couple from the Netherlands has become, probably, the most powerful union in the industry at the moment with earnings up to $2.4 million per month.

Together or separately, they are leaders who have gained the admiration of many people for two simple things: one is their tireless work and never-ending energy, the other is one of the most successful training systems so far, evident both in the leadership development in their team, as well as their high level of duplication.

Igor and Andreea are the founders of the SUCCESS4ALL team, which, as its name implies, has been creating success stories on almost every continent of the planet.

And the couple seems to have travelled to almost every corner of the planet, for one reason or another, during this year. I asked them if they remembered all the places they have visited during 2017.

“We spent last Christmas at home, and the first events of the year were in Amsterdam, but shortly after we started travelling non-stop until now,” says Andreea.

It was just at the end of December last year when Igor and Andreea boasted the first big turnover that placed them among the first positions of the Top Earners ranking, already exceeding one million euros in profits.


“In January, we went first to Dubai, then Goteborg, Sweden. Next stop was London, where Dr. Parwiz Daud y Mansour Tawafi, Black Diamonds, represent our team.

And from there, to Oceania. We practically spent the month of February on that continent, where we have many wonderful team members and leaders.”

Steve Condos, Filomena Mazzaferro and Thanh Duong are Blue Diamonds and S4A representatives in Australia which we have been able to meet this year. “However, we also found time to enjoy the trip a bit.”

Igor adds that this is one of the great advantages of having a job like this:

“Here, you have to travel, but you can see it as a sacrifice or as a blessing: for me it is a blessing to see so many places, their fauna, their landscapes, their cities, their languages, try their food.”

They try to count all the places and to remember which one went first and what the dates were:

After the Oceania tour, it was the turn of the Caribbean, where incredible success is taking place now with leaders like Anderson Chester, Gordon Stenhuijs, Cordel King Jayms, Duane Marc Anthony and Ivan and Michelle Mark, who I have been able to interview during this year.

Then Brazil, back to the Netherlands, and at the end of April and the beginning of May: a trip to Asia.

“In Macao, we experienced something really incredible, a feeling difficult to describe, when we saw so many people from our team being recognized, levelling up and achieving their dreams. I think that was the beginning of a great wave of success stories.”

Macao, Japan, where they organized events together with Mark and Miki Nishiyama, Blue Diamonds. Then Greece and back to the Netherlands, briefly, to collaborate with Blue Diamonds Roald Mailly and Patricia Numan, and then – to get going again. To Romania, for the DealShaker exhibition, Bulgaria and Greece again. The couple mentions the Caribbean again, this time to talk about a mountain they climbed together with part of their team there.

“We did that as a motivational exercise: at first, you start to go up and you’re excited, then you realize that it’s going to be much harder than you thought. It’s difficult, but each minute, you are closer to the top. 

You are tempted to give up, because your knees tremble and you have trouble breathing, but the top is very close! And at the end, when you’re up there, you know it’s been worth it. We all know that comparison between the success and the top of a mountain, but we had the opportunity to live it first hand and get a good lesson from it.”

And shortly after that, Igor and Andreea were in Saint-Tropez and Monaco, celebrating their birthdays and the fact of having reached the number one position in the Top Earners ranking. Although the list of places would be complemented by more stops in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and even Dubai, I would like to especially highlight that latest achievement.

What is it like to close 2017 as #1?

It’s really a privilege to be on that list, but for us, that number one belongs to the whole team. We feel that we have done a good job training this great team, but all we have achieved was possible also because we have really wonderful people working with us.”

Igor and Andreea have built up leadership in almost every part of the world, and during this year, most of their trips and events have been to support leaders who began to excel in their countries and to continue training them. That’s why you usually hear the word “mentors” when you talk to one of their team members, wherever they are, when they talk about the couple, even if these are not their direct uplines.

“We have a system of four steps, but after that, when our leaders are independent and more than trained, we still keep supporting them. 

We share with them everything we have learned and everything we will learn. Because right now, our vision is to keep seeing more and more people shine and become stars of their own lives. We want to see leaders from all over the world on the stage collecting their recognition gifts as a Diamonds or higher.”

At the regional events in Panama, Lisbon, Malaysia and Thailand, Igor and Andreea were present to offer trainings during the seminar days. Even people who didn’t belong to their team lined up to attend one of their Master classes. It is an impressive fact to keep in mind.

But how many people are there in Success4All today?

“There are more than 300,000 and the team is still growing. There are more than three hundred thousand people who have come directly or indirectly and who are already changing their lives and will transmit the principles and the message of Success4all to a thousand more. And who knows how many more a few years from now!”

The message of Success4All is not necessarily the message of the company itself, but that of the team. It seems an interesting concept to me, so I asked about it.

“The main idea is that everyone can be successful if they are willing to be so. And success can be many things,” clarifies Igor. “For me, it can be travelling around the world, meeting fantastic people and being able to bring some happiness to their lives. For others, it may be quitting their jobs and setting up a business, challenging oneself and triumphing.

It can be many things, but it always has passion and freedom in it. And the most important thing about Success4All is that there is room for everyone, it’s a place where everyone has the same opportunities to build a career and to become who they want to be or, as we say: who they are destined to be.”

It seems that this year has been an incredible journey for this couple, who is now taking advantage of the holidays to have some rest. And with so much travelling, I would like to ask them if they had to make any sacrifices during this year.

“Travelling has its things. Sometimes, you don’t know what time it is, you can spend 48 hours without sleeping, because you go from one event to another, and you only have just enough time to prepare your presentation on the way. 


But it’s always worth it. These are small sacrifices that have to be made to live this wonderful life.” Andreea and Igor answered.

“The truth is that I had been thinking for a while whether I should retire, so I could do what I like. The thing is that, I’ve realized, I already do what I like most! Maybe, one day, I won’t be able to follow this pace anymore and will have to quit, but this year has been one of the most amazing of my entire career, and partly because of all that madness, hundreds of places I visited and thousands of people I met.”

A 2017 full of leadership that has been planted throughout the globe. But both Igor and Andreea insist that they are the ones who are grateful to all those people on their team.

“”Firstly, I’m very grateful to my brother Iulian,” begins Andreea, “he was the one who introduced me to this wonderful world of network marketing and who supported me as part of Succes4All. Secondly, to all those who have wanted to be part of it. They have chosen us, they have trusted us, and we will continue working for them, wherever they are or come from.

And we want to thank each and every one of them: Black Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Diamonds and Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, and also all those who are still at the very beginning of their journey as networkers. All of you are part of our family, and we want to wish you a very happy new year!”

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