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LegalShield, CEO, Jeff Bell

LegalShield Membership Reaches New Record of Over 1.7 Million Members

LegalShield, one of North America’s leading providers of affordable legal plans and the IDShield identity theft solution for individuals, families and small businesses, announced today that it has grown its membership base to exceed 1,700,600 members.

In November, LegalShield continued its pace of adding new memberships to the base and achieved a 12th straight month of record high active members. In addition to the record high in memberships, the company recruited nearly 41,000 new associates this year – a 22 percent increase from 2016.

With the continued increases in production, this is also LegalShield’s eighth consecutive month of membership churn at two percent or below. The momentum the company has built is displaying positive leading indicators that foreshadow a strong year end.

“November is historically a challenging month. However, we refused to believe the past dictates our future and we created the results we expected to achieve,” said CEO Jeff Bell. “We are extremely proud of maintaining record low membership churn rates, and look forward to continued success in 2018.”

About LegalShield

A pioneer in the democratization of affordable access to legal protection, LegalShield is one of North America’s leading providers of legal safeguards and protection against identity theft solutions for individuals, families and small businesses. The 45-year-old company has more than 1,700,000 members, including individuals, families and businesses, that are covered by its legal and identity theft memberships. IDShield provides identity theft protection to one million individuals. LegalShield and IDShield serve more than 141,000 businesses. Both legal and identity theft plans start as low as $20 per month.

LegalShield’s legal plans provide access to attorneys with an average of 19 years of experience in areas such as family matters, estate planning, financial and business issues, consumer protection, tax, real estate, benefits disputes and auto/driving issues. Unlike other legal plans or do-it-yourself websites, LegalShield has dedicated law firms in 50 states and four provinces in Canada that members can call for help without having to worry about high hourly rates.

IDShield provides identity monitoring and restoration services and is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed private investigators on call to restore a member’s identity.

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