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Emil Kowalski And Paulina Miziniak From Poland Achieve Success With FutureNet

Emil Kowalski And Paulina Miziniak From Poland Achieve Success With FutureNet

Emil Kowalski and Paulina Miziniak are network marketing professionals from Poland and top leaders in Futurenet.

Emil upon his achievement stated:

In February 2017 it’s been a year since I joined FutureNet Club. It was a breakthrough moment – I lost my job and decided to try something new. Earlier, for 4 years, I worked as a sales representative in a big company, achieving many professional successes, including the title of the best merchant in Poland.

I always work with commitment. Everything I do, I do with all my heart. I believe it’s one of the ways to achieve success. After I joined FutureNet, I waited for three months. At the time when I started working in FutureNet, I already had another job, in another company, as a sales manager.

I had to reconcile my work with building an FN business, but it didn’t last long. Finally, I made a decision that I will cooperate exclusively with FutureNet.

FutureNet is much more than just a company.

First of all it’s a social media platform focused on multi-level marketing, with more than 2.5 million users from over 190 countries around the world. Thanks to it, you can receive a part of the profits from watching ads. It offers many, useful tools which will unleash your business’ marketing potential.

FN stands behind the creation of a new cryptocurrency – FuturoCoin, andthat’s not all. Company works in many, and not only business, areas. FutureNet Foundation helps ill children and fights with malnutrition in the world. The company has also its own restaurants to merge the online and offline world. All this means that FutureNet  stands close to people and wants to support them.

The fact, that the platform is a reliable company on which you can build the business, helped me.

The most important values in my life are freedom and constant development. I like thinking outside of the box. I chose an online business because it gives me liberty and independence. Such a choice has made me more go-ahead – I help others overcome their weaknesses and become better people. While building a business, I met many wonderful people who help me till today. It’s great, like people with whom you had nothing to do with before, suddenly help you and want your business to grow even more.

Emil Kowalski and Paulina Miziniak

Thanks to cooperation with FutureNet, I’ve traveled the whole world, and the level of my life definitely increased.

The people I work with, have also absolutely changed their lifestyle.When building a business in FutureNet, I built a team of fantastic people who share the same values as me. Network marketing is a great business, underestimated by many people. I’m working on it, because I want to change their awareness.

What is very important to me, is personal development and determination. Every day I help people in building their business. I also encourage them to believe in themselves, to believe that everything they want is possible. I’m often asked: “Emil, how to do that?”.

I usually answer that you have to be yourself, you have to be real. The greatest motivator for me are the successes of people with whom I work.

That’s why I’m sure, what we do is the right thing.

About FutureNet

FutureNet company was established in 2012 and on 01.11.2014 we have launched our social media platform. During last 6 years we have provided 2 new platforms and dozen of products and online services which are used by over 2,5 million community from over 190 countries of the world. In 2018 we have launched cryptocurrency – FuturoCoin.

In “FutureNet” the “F” states for freedom – a freedom of choice. We believe, that the best way to reach success is to let people doing their things in ways that they want! That’s why we are here.

Turn your dreams into reality, let your imagination work and discover your business potential. Start developing your future on your own. Start build it with FutureNet.

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