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FuturoCoin Achieve 3,5 Million Users

FuturoCoin Achieve 3,5 Million Users

The FuturoCoin (FTO) Conference took place last month in Warsaw and it was unique on a global scale. The event was strongly related to the FuturoCoin’s first anniversary.

The FTO was launched in January last year and since then have achieved great success:

  • 3,5 million users
  • 5 continents
  • Listed on 10 cryptocurrency exchanges and a constantly growing product portfolio.

Paulina Woźniak – CEO of FuturoCoin OU – is sure that this year will be the year of FuturoCoin. As she said:

We have created the entire system dedicated to FTO.

We are working on the special app which will allow you to find venues where paying through FuturoPay is possible. We care about the crypto market.

Soon, we will launch the new platform making possible to trade with FuturoCoin on the exchanges. We’ve also brought to life the FTO Academy – space to educate people about the world of cryptocurrencies.

FuturoCoin owners believe that the cryptocurrency market is the breakthrough invention of our time and give many proofs for that.

There was many excellent speakers from all around the world and a wide range of issues. There were speeches about the possibility of providing ourselves with retirement pension thanks to cryptocurrency investments, about digital assets in practice and future of crypto technology. The idea of blockchain was also thoroughly discussed.

The conference was great opportunity to listen and learn more about crypto world but not only.

One of the speaking points was also Formula One sponsorship, as FuturoCoin is the first official sponsor Partner of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team.

After the conference, the hosts invited their guests to the Aurelio Restaurant in Warsaw – it’s one of two venues in Poland opened by the FuturoCoin founders.

The event has been successful and it’s worth to continue similar ventures, because quoting one of the FuturoCoin speakers, Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry: Investing in crypto has got to be a part of your future. And as Paulina Woźniak said: Bad opinions about cryptocurrencies result from unknowingness. Whoever thinks about his future, should also think about FuturoCoin.

About FuturoCoin

The precise launch date of FuturoCoin (FTO) was January 31st 2018. From that time, this cryptocurrency has started to gain the market of digital assets. As every cryptocurrency, FuturoCoin is built on the blockchain.

Its proof-of-work X11 algorithm is similar to Dash’s, so FTO is a decentralized project with masternodes. Developers have published a WhitePaper which is one of the steps to make this cryptocurrency transparent. Similar to the others, FuturoCoin can be mined and the reward for a miner is 50% of the profit.

With every mined block there are 13.31811263 FuturoCoins created. There will be exactly 100 000 000 coins from which 30 000 000 will be mined. It is predicted that all coins will be mined in 10 years from the launch date as one block is created in an average time of one minute. To protect users’ funds, FuturoCoin’s developers offer three types of wallets dedicated for FTO.

The Core Wallet which is definitely the heaviest as the user has to download the data from the blockchain; the Paper Wallet which is an offline wallet; and the Electrum’s Light Wallet which provides fast access to funds. For more information please visit

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