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Lyconet Classified As Triple A Opportunity

Lyconet Classified As Triple A Opportunity

Lyconet is classified as Triple A (AAA+) opportunity, the top recommendation, based on key figures such as revenuemomentum, Alexa rankings, poll results, input from direct selling professionals, top earners and Head Office visits we regularly conduct. Lyconet is the network marketing division responsible for the promotion of the Cashback World community.

Business For Home recommends Lyconet. There is high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a (new) representative. 


Sales is up from $800 million in 2017 to $1,000 Million in 2018, and Lyconet forecast 2019 at $1,3 Billion.

Lyconet stated:

Lyconet offers those who are interested the opportunity to run their own loyalty program and to establish their own network as an independent entrepreneur, to enthuse consumers across the world with the benefits of the Cashback World shopping community and its loyalty programs for merchants.

As a network marketing specialist, Lyconet provides a wide range of professional training, services and tools, in order to offer its sales partners (Lyconet Marketers) the best possible support in their business activities.

Lyconet thereby ensures that the network is continuously expanded in terms of Members, Loyalty Merchants and Lyconet Marketers.

The company has long understood the importance of these events and is regularly hosting the Lyconet Elite Seminar. What started out as a relatively small event has quickly grown into what is now Europe’s largest network marketing event.

While in November 2015, the Elite Seminar had only 5,000 participants, figures rose rapidly to an astonishing 30,000 in September 2017 and 35,000 in May 2018. But this trend has not yet reached its peak, for the 2019 event, Lyconet created enough space to welcome more than 60,000 people from all over the globe”.

The program included inspiring training sessions led by the world-renowned speakers Eric Worre, Tony Robbins and Pitbull.

Eric Worre, Pitbull and Tony Robbins
Lyconet Elite Seminar 2019

About the Business For Home Ranking:

In our database we have  1,000+ direct selling companies from all over the world.

We have classified the companies with an AAA+, AA+, A+ or B grade.

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The Business For Home grade definition:

  • AAA+  Business For Home recommends the company. There is high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a distributor.  
  • AA+   Business For Home recommends the opportunity. There is high certainty that the net benefit is moderate or there is moderate certainty that the net benefit is moderate to substantial for an distributor.
  • A+   Business For Home recommends selectively offering based on professional judgment. There is at least moderate certainty that the net benefit is small for a distributor. 

  • B  Business For Home concludes that the current information about the company is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits. Information is lacking, of poor quality, or conflicting, and the balance of benefits cannot be determined.

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Get more information, fact and figures about Lyconet, click here for the Lyconet overview.

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Comments (59)

  1. Proud of this recommendation. I’m very happy to be a part of Lyconet.

    Luigi Zoppelli
    President’s Team

  2. I am glad & proud to be part of the biggest Opportunity in the Network Marketing Industry. The event we just attended in Germany was extraordinary , but the next one in 2020 will blow your mind. Congratulations to every single one Involved in a NWM business!

  3. Orgogliosa di essere con questa azienda fin dai suoi inizi! Oggi siamo una vera potenza, dal potenziale universale incalcolabile, e siamo solo al giro di riscaldamento. Diventeremo i primi al mondo in pochi anni. Prima e Unica opportunità di Network Marketing che ho voluto abbracciare, e mi ha cambiato letteralmente la vita. Grazie Lyconet e grazie al mio Team!! Avanti tutta

  4. For 10 years allready, Lyconet and CashBackWorld were the only and the best in my life. And I brought in all my family, even my mom , who, at 84 years old is paying at her favourite market with her phone. CAN YOU IMAGINE ? It’s unbelievable !!!

  5. Lyconet has changed my life completely! It is not only earnings, you will earn a lot, but what I like it most is educational system and event culture. You are changing your personality! You are becoming more HUMAN via supporting the two amazing foundations- Child and Family and Greenfinity!

  6. Lyconet has changed my Life and it’s just the beginning,the future is bright, we are run the whole industry!

  7. Lyconet is revolutionizing the market clearly and represents an incredible opportunity for everyone to set up their business and be able to spread it today in 47 countries and in the near future by 100 countries. I made the decision to take this opportunity 5 years ago and I am radiant. The company’s lifestyle, quality of work and reliability and great innovation have outpaced everything.

  8. This company just keeps getting bigger and better all the time. The future looks amazing!.

  9. Be part of lyconet family is the most powerful and beatiful think happened in my life.
    The day when they introduce me that busniess I just was WOW,I can’t believe..
    Basicly I don’t have to do nothing more than what I’m doing now (helping OTHERS) it was soo beatiful …

    Probably I need hours and hours to explain you my why and reason.

    But I hope for you guys to really open your eyes and ears and for first your heart ..

    Here you have my link guys if u want to let understood what I’m talking will be a pleasure ?

  10. Just when we think our business has reached its top….it continues to grow and prove to us there is a big future out there for everyone!! Love this business and what it stands for!

  11. I am gratefull to be part of Lyconet to be able to build a great future together with my husband for us and our 4 kids and for all who have already joined us and for those who are still coming . There is not a more rewarding business in the world then it is Lyconet!

  12. I am greatfull to be a part of this worlds best network marketing opportunity.Right now i would like to heartfull thanks to MR.SEVIN BOMBERG from Norway.Because of him i know this opportunity.

  13. I am so happy about this excellent opportunity. It has grown so much during the last 3 years.

    Thank You Hubert Freidl You are putting on the table so amazing tools for us!

  14. It’s a unique business model that no other company can offer. Shopping community is essence of real economy to empower both SMEs as well as Entrepreneurs!

  15. En fantastisk affärsidé med möjlighet att ta sig hur långt som helst! Riktigt bra uppbackning från företaget och ett starkt team.

  16. Non ho mai visto un progetto cosi esteso e cosi unico al mondo per la sua semplicità,fiero di essere un lyconet

  17. We are changing the industry ! It is just a shame that so many people do not understand it.

  18. Only we offer measurable marketing! It’s just a shame that many people do not understand.

  19. So many people on a mission to make LYCONET the Number 1 company in the World!!
    Proud to see over €1million raised in just a few days donated to the two Charitable Foundations supporting Projects for less fortunate people around the world.. truly Amazing!

  20. The best business opportunity for business minded people and businesses that want to expand their horizons. It’s an opportunity inside the opportunity. Just cannot beat it.

  21. So excited about this well-deserved recognition for Lyconet. It truly is a lifesaver for so many. Opportunity for shoppers to save on daily expenses, businesses to increase turnover, and marketers to earn when we empower both. And in the process we support the Child and Family Foundation and Greenfinity, 2 charitable institutions.

  22. Vrhunska poslovna prilika koja se pruža jednom u životu. Hvala preporu?iteljici Snežani što mi je dala ovu informaciju, mom mentoru Aleksi što me je startao u ovom poslu i hvala lider?ini Branetu što mi je pomogao da ne odustanem i napokon uspijem… Ova poslovna prilika me napokon vodi do ostvarenja mojih najlu?ih snova.

  23. This is the company of the 21th century, the future is bright 🙂 And everyone can do it 🙂

  24. It’s great opportunity to retailers / SMES to increase his business horizon by using cash back application, promoted by Lyconet India. Who is leader in generation of customer traffic / acquisition by maintaing added advantage to its shopping community.Can call me at my no 8802230412 in India only in between 10.00 am to 21.00 pm

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