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Dave Nelson And Dior Drummond Achieve President Rank At ByDzyne

Dave Nelson And Dior Drummond Achieve President Rank At ByDzyne

Aussie couple Dave Nelson and Dior Drummond have partnered with ByDzyne and hit President in their opening month.

A president generates over $200,000 in sales per month. The duo is notorious for their out of the box companies and ByDzyne was the perfect fit.

Dave, best known for writing “The New Era of Network Marketing” at just 24 is back in the industry after spending the last 3 years in traditional business.

“We knew the power of network marketing and we always wanted to jump back in head first, but just hadn’t found a company that hit all of our hot buttons and we had confidence in”.

The couple were in Bali working on one of their other businesses when they found out about the concept and immediately changed their plans and got on a last minute plane out to LA to meet the other founders.

“After working closely with Sophia (one of the six founders) for many years in our previous company, we knew how good the company would be operationally and the level of support for international business.

Having six founders was super impressive, they all bring their own skills and strengths to the team and we immediately felt at home and part of the team. Everything from the products to the strategy to the founders really aligned with all of our values”

ByDzyne offers a revolutionary new concept to the industry hosting tech, wellness, beauty and travel all under one roof with more to come.

“We loved the concept of an ever evolving company, in this day and age products can be hot one day and cold the next. This effects mlm leaders as their teams tend to jump to the next shiny object when they feel their companies products aren’t “on trend”. The world is almost moving too fast to stick to one product, so we saw a lot of long term security in having such a diverse, moving model.”

“Having 2 founders in their 30s Chad and Nattida brings a whole new style and sexiness to the brand making the product and concept very attractive online, it really stood out!. As reps they’d been known to do zoom calls of over 50,000 people and we wanted to align with someone who knew the power of online and blend it with traditional belly to belly. “

“The online space has made the world a whole lot smaller, so having a company designed to be able to expand international with relative ease was one of the most attractive parts of the business. Travel is just about our highest value and we love being able to market and build customers, team members and relationships in other countries.

“So far the response has been incredible, the most exciting part is this concept is bringing new people into the industry, people that have never joined the industry before all just have the same feedback “this one just feels right” and the business has been so much smoother than previously. We have also seen a far broader demographic of people joining and having success that they never have previously, from parents in their 50’s to 20 years olds fresh out of school, there seems to be a magical power with this concept that has something that resonates with everyone.”

After both being in traditional business we can say a few things for sure about the benefits of network marketing

  • This industry provides the best risk to profit ratios
  • The relationships and network you build here is superior to anything else we have ever seen -The personal growth is free and 10 x the value of the expensive courses which provide great theory with no actual practice.
  • The company takes care of all of the painful stuff (book work, operations, logistics, customer care, finances etc) so you can focus on the fun stuff (meeting new people, marketing)
  • The travel with 100 team members beats any other travel.

About ByDzyne™

ByDzyne’s multi-faceted approach disrupts the traditional industry model by first understanding that one size DOESN’T fit all.

You were born into a particular culture, with unique tastes, interests, and desires. ByDzyne™ was created with a mission to celebrate your uniqueness and empower your extraordinary potential. Our exceptional “culture-crafted” products meet distinct needs in key consumer markets, and our lucrative business opportunity was formulated to fuel your ideal lifestyle, as YOU see fit.

Our visionary leadership wanted to create an unparalleled company with your individual needs in mind, whether as a consumer or Brand Ambassador. This customizable approach is a driving force that propels everything we do and will do in the future. We are launching into not one but FOUR of the fastest growing multi-trillion dollar industries, creating one of the most explosive opportunities in the market, starting with technology, beauty, wellness, and travel.

Our mission is to continue to expand our global footprint into multiple verticals to maximize your income opportunities, capitalize on trends, and gain market share in upcoming industries as they advance. Soon we will be adding a digital category to our product lineup, further strengthening our value proposition.

Through ever-evolving innovation, and with the utmost integrity, our experienced executive team strives to stand apart from the pack, and build a legacy you can be proud of; one you can truly call home. We are ByDzyne™. Where limitations don’t exist. For more information please visit

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