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New U Life Somaderm Gel Under Siege - Internal Email Raises Many Health Questions

New U Life Somaderm Gel Under Siege – Internal Email Raises Many Health Questions

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson revealed on his facebook the next internal email from New U Life Top Leader and Medical Doctor Randy Nordyke :

Kevin Thompson:

In March of this year, Dr. Randy Nordyke, one of the top-leaders at NewULife, shared his concerns about Somaderm to a group of other leaders inside NUL (New U Life). The email has been revealed and here it is:

In the email, the key excerpts from Nordyke are below.


Randy Nordyke

I love this company. And we love the paychecks. And we have a product that helps so many people. But not everyone can use this product. I predict we will see the demise of NUL within a year if we do not straighten out our house.

I am not the great almighty predictor of the universe, but if you look at some of the medical shit going down, it is not a small number.

In Chicago, I had someone ask me if the gel was safe with Coumadin. Now I know from my personal experience, I have cycled on and off 3 times of the gel, with each time that I am on the gel, my INR is out of control (normal is 2.1-2.5) was at 7 which is 5 times higher than normal). I stopped taking the gel, and it came back to normal. Then I went back to our “dose”, and it went up to a 6, and then 5 the third time.

And no there were no other changes in my regimen.

I told the person in Chicago (who was in a group of people) it was safe with Coumadin. I did not even say “check with your doctor”. I am disgusted with myself that I did that. And if we tell one single person that is on Birth Control to not check with their doctor first, well shame on us. While we cannot 100% say it is contraindicated, we should in every situation say “check with your doctor”.

And to hear the women talk about the affect that yam is potentially having on many of them, from cystic acne to weight gain, with our current mindset that there are no contraindications…


I lost a whole team of women under David and Sherry Bronow because of the weight gain, and the fear of the unknown.

We have this amazing huge marketplace, what is wrong with us telling people the following:

  1. If you have a family history of cancer, check with your doctor before using Somaderm.

  2. If you are on hormone replacement therapy, including Birth Control, check with your doctor first before using Somaderm.

  3. Somaderm is made with a green tree base, and If you are on Blood thinners, check with your doctor before using Somaderm. Green Tea, or extracts of green tree, can affect blood thinners.

Us Diamonds keep saying it’s a minute number of women that are experiencing side effects with Somaderm. Ask Ursulla or ask Valri Ingrebrigtson about side effects. We are kidding ourselves if we think it’s a small number.

Right now, we have the mindset that virtually everyone can use our product. Wrong wrong wrong. Not everyone can. And that is perfectly fine. The marketplace is massive.

We have no clinicals, and no data. AND NO WARNINGS. Holy shit guys this is nuts. Let’s protect us, our checks, and our teams.

After Kevin Thompson published the email Nordyke responded as follow:

“This email was from March. No doubt you saw my video response from this email correct? These questions have been asked and answered, and the company has done a great job in addressing these concerns. In regards to the Joe Juliano text, that was something Joe and I talked about and handled. Very interesting how you got a private text. I wonder who gave that to you? ”

About Dr. Randy Nordyke

Dr. Randy Nordyke is an experienced medical professional who has enjoyed a 30-year career working as a doctor, entrepreneur, product innovator, and mentor. After spending several years as a professional motocross racer, a number of injuries forced Dr. Nordyke to retire from the sport and pursue occupation elsewhere. Dealing with his injuries opened his eyes to how incredibly rewarding a career in medicine would be.

He followed this interest and found practicing medicine to be incredibly fulfilling, enjoying especially treating difficult or unusual cases. In a way, practicing medicine gives Dr. Randy Nordyke the same kind of thrill and excitement that had first drawn him to motocross years before.


New U Life’s SOMADERM Gel is the only FDA registered, transdermal product containing legal homeopathic growth hormone that’s available without a prescription. Human Growth Hormone levels begin to decline at the age of 25. As this hormone declines, your body begins to hold onto fat, muscles weaken, and energy levels decrease. Somaderm Gel is a safe, noninvasive way to elevate growth hormone levels.*

About New U Life

New U Life made its debut in November 2017 and quickly became a leader in the direct sales industry. The company is dedicated to changing lives and setting the standard for innovative, quality products.

Get more information, fact and figures about New U Life, click here for the New U Life overview.

Comments (11)

  1. DOCTOR AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL??? He was a foot doctor who got in trouble with the law and was arrested for fake identities that he created and then wrote prescriptions for those fake identities so he could feed his drug habit. Putting the word professional in the same sentence with somebody who has a rap sheet the size of Texas seems a little Ludacris to me. Then to talk about this being a homeopathic HGH gel, there isn’t a lick of HGH in it and the burden of proof is on the company I would love to see a micro test proving that there is HGH in this. HGH is illegal under any dilution in the United States, you need a doctor’s prescription, somebody show me a doctor that would write a prescription for barrels and barrels of HGH and not get in trouble with the medical board. This product is 30 x and anybody who knows homeopathy knows that they’re dilution chart says that 26 x none of the original molecules are there. It’s just water it’s not HGH.

  2. Randy Nordyke is an amazing business person a great leader and has a genuine heart to help people. Being a former professional racer myself the injuries we have endured don’t go away they get worse with time. If you knew the entire story Dr.Randy was put on opioids to help deal with pain from various surgeries Opioids are one of the most addictive narcotics out there. Dr. Randy has amazing boys that are Uber successful he is a great father a great business leader. I guess some people are perfect but I was always taught not to judge someone unless you were willing to walk in their shoes.

    1. Sorry Rick, great leaders do not continue on when they know there are serious potential side effects happening. Stock making excuses for someone who allegedly fraudulently obtained pain medication. There are consequences to one’s actions and this I am sorry to say is disgusting. Uber successful means absolutely nothing…. so comical to call someone a great leader with his history… pretty low barrier…

  3. How does this company stay in Biz it amazes me the hype the leaders and what they will say . Lets hope that Karma catches up before someome dies taking this stuff .

    1. This company had a similar gel it tried to sell before and failed. Rebranded, repackaged, and now reselling the same formula. If you want or need help regulating your hormones, you go see a doctor. That’s how it works.

  4. This “company” has no right to talk about “hgh” because somaderm has none. There is zero hgh in somaderm, none now, none when it was strike first nutrition and none all the years before. Never has been, never will be. “30x” means zero. On top of that, a “transdermal hgh”? Rubbed on your wrist with your wrist? A complete hoax, laughable joke promoted by con artists. No legitimate doctor would ever promote such a scam.

  5. Yet the leaders act like all is fine and they know this wow blows my mind this company is still going . Complete hype of an awful product that is harmful for some and they just keep o trucking …. Gives the industry a bad name . Some day will be nice to see leaders called out for this by the industry . That is what its going to take self police by the industry .

  6. Predictable from day one. Hall of Shame material. When will they ever learn and I dont mean the owner. He won’t. He knows exactly what he is doing. I mean all of you that promoted it and cashed the checks. Shame.

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