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Les Brown Keynote Speaker At MELiUS Global Launch in Costa Rica

Les Brown Keynote Speaker At MELiUS Global Launch in Costa Rica

World’s Number 1 Motivational Speaker, Les Brown, To Make An Impact At The MELiUS Global Launch.

Many distributors are gearing up for this year’s breakthrough event, the MELiUS Global Launch, happening in San Jose, Costa Rica. It’s going to be BIG.

Just recently, everyone went on a frenzy as MELiUS dropped its first celebrity guest speaker for its event, but the list does not end. In fact, that was just the beginning of a series of surprises prepared by the thriving company.

Premier keynote speaker and the leading authority on achievement and, perhaps, the world’s number 1 renowned speaker, Les Brown, will also be making a significant impact on stage this 19th to 20th October 2019.

Les Brown is known as one of the world’s most exceptional motivational speakers, a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs. He is also a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speech coach, and mentor of the power of positive thinking with a weekly reach of over two million people in the area of personal growth and business development.

For three decades, he has not only studied the science of achievement, but he’s also mastered it by interviewing hundreds of successful business leaders and collaborating with them in the boardroom translating theory into bottom-line results for his clients.

Known for his pragmatic approach and communications methods, Brown’s keynote address at MELiUS’ Global Launch will include discovering how to share your passions and skills through stories which will captivate and appeal to any audience.

“Les Brown’s presentation, with his proven track record of making an impact on everyone who witnesses his presence, is a BIG blow to all our partners. We’ve looked up to this man way before we started in the industry and we know how much force he can execute — we’re very excited to share that force and feeling to all the attendees.”

The visionary force behind the success of MELiUS also yields how the Global Launch will bear an incredible future for the company to kick-start another moment of defining history.

“We’ve started our pre-launch strong and everything that we have done in the past months leads to this moment. Each day, as we put together the event piece by piece, we couldn’t help but gush over the emotion we’re currently holding! We’re grateful and just so excited for individuals to discover how to get unstuck, earn a serious income, and change lives through MELiUS.”

Meet Les Brown, the MELiUS Founders, and James Smith at the MELiUS Global Launch event this 19th and 20th October 2019 in Costa Rica.

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About MELiUS

MELiUS is a next-generation ecosystem made up of the MELiUS node – a leading education platform – and MELiUS Marketing – a powerful marketing platform with a comprehensive set of tools for independent business owners.

The MELiUS ecosystem uses blockchain technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for independent business owners to interact and pursue their personal goals.

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