Abdallah Hasan Mousa Bitouni From Jordan Achieves Diamond Rank At Success Factory – Dagcoin

Abdallah Hasan Mousa Bitouni From Jordan Achieves Diamond Rank At Success Factory - Dagcoin

Abdallah Hasan Mousa Bitouni, from Jordan and currently residing in Turkey, has recently achieved the Diamond rank.

Curiously enough, his direct upline is lower -ranked, which is something that makes Bitouni especially proud of his achievement:

“It’s all about hard work. If you work hard with your team and let them achieve more, you yourself will achieve more. But if there is a person on your team who work even harder than you, this person will exceed you and achieve more than you. I think it’s a natural process.”

A remarkable triumph, indeed. Especially, being attained by someone who is practically a beginner in the profession. Bitouni has no more than 3 years of experience in network marketing, one year with Success Factory. He is telling us about his beginnings in the industry:

“I tried several jobs as an employee in different companies and countries. I also got to a managerial position and even opened my own business. But what I have always been looking for was passive income. And this is what I found in network marketing. With a small initial investment, one can build a passive income for life.

I was very excited about the idea of network marketing, but when I started, I faced a lot of rejection, even coming from very close people. Even my family was saying that I was crazy. But I stood firm: if other people can do it, I can do it, too.”

Abdallah Hasan Mousa

An example of perseverance, without any doubt. Bitouni joined Success Factory in November 2018 by the invitation of Ahmad Rabaia and became part of the Eagles team. When asked about his reasons to do so, he explains:

“I chose Success Factory because of two things, initially. One was its great product, which is not even physical, but digital: Dagcoin. In the current era of information and computer technologies, one has to stay in tune with the new developments so as to be part of the future.

The other thing is rather pragmatic, the company’s compensation plan. It’s just fantastic. I think, with everything Success Factory has to offer, with all its updates, it will soon become the biggest company in the world.”

A company that has a lot to offer and that delivers even more than promised. That is what happened to Bitouni after he joined this project. Apart from his Diamond rank, achieved in less than a year, and corresponding income, there are things that he didn’t expect he would find:

“It’s not only about money and ranks. I have lived many exciting experiences since I joined Success Factory. It opened my mind and made me work on my personal development. I met so many great leaders of different nationalities and got to know different cultures from all over the world. 

The special gift from Success Factory, which was the Leadership Retreat, was an essence of luxury and just priceless. This is something that motivates you to work even harder so as to be able to partake in such events. I would like to give a special thanks to all the leaders who helped me on my path, especially to Igor Alberts and his spouse Andreea Cimbala, as well as to one of my mentors Ahmad Rabaia.”

Finally, Bitouni adds a few words about his approach to the profession and leaves us some of his advice:

“Network marketing is the way to make it from nothing to everything. I now run my business in eight countries, among which there are not only some of the Middle East countries, but also Canada and the US.

 Big success is made out of small successes, so my advice would be to set daily, weekly or monthly goals, and through them, you can get to your big victory.”

Success Factory is a company that develops its business activity all over the world.

Earlier this year, following the spectacular event in Istanbul, Turkey, we have been reporting on the unprecedented rise of the Middle East region, represented by the Eagles team, which, in turn, is also a division of the international team called Success4All, founded and led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala.

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