Alexander Kulpin From Kazakhstan Achieves Diamond Rank At Success Factory – Dagcoin

Alexander Kulpin From Kazakhstan Achieves Diamond Rank At Success Factory – Dagcoin

Success Factory is a network marketing company that develops its business activity all over the world. The CIS countries are the region where the company is strongly represented and that is growing rapidly, now bringing its first Diamonds to the international arena.

Alexander Kulpin, from the city Karaganda, Kazakhstan, and currently residing in Germany, has recently achieved the Diamond rank.

Alexander has been a network marketing professional for over 23 years. Discovering the industry meant for him going from being a poor immigrant to becoming an entrepreneur with partners in several countries of the world.

Alexander joined Success Factory in December 2018 as part of the international team Success4All, founded and led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, whose residence he was visiting that weekend together with his daughter. That was where he got the information, motivation and inspiration. And now, after only a year of work, he has become the first Diamond from Kazakhstan living in Germany.

Alexander tells us how proud he feels of this achievement, as well as of his team:

“It really feels good when you realize that you made the right choice of the company and especially, of the right team. And there is no big secret in this, you just follow the simple steps of the 90-day program and repeat it again and again. And then, magic happens! 

Alexander Kulpin and Andreea and Igor Alberts

I’m really grateful to my upline, who provided me and my team with a huge support to reach this rank in such a short time. But it also means that there are many people who believe in our mission and work hard every day to develop this project. If you can help as many people as you can to get what they want, you will reach whatever you want. And this is my best reward.

When asked about his path, Alexander expresses a very pragmatic and strict approach to the way one should work in order to come as far as they want:

I’ve been in network marketing since 1996, that’s a lot. What I learned from my path is that if you are able to solve big problems, you are a big player in the industry. If not, you must keep working on yourself every day to become a better version. Every single day. Without pause. Without complaining. Without excuses. This attitude is very important to overcome all obstacles as a winner.

I know that there are companies that buy the loyalty of their leaders or just give them a good position in the organisation. It makes no sense to me, and that would never happen in Success Factory.


Getting to this rank means to me that I can be successful by my own means. And the recognition for it brings much more satisfaction and fun.

About his plans for the future, Alexander tells us not only about his personal goals, but also his aspirations regarding the activity of the company:

“I’ll keep going and shall not stop until we together complete our mission of building the biggest and the most useful digital payment solution on the planet and eco-system around it, which will help billions of people get closer to each other and live in safer and more secure world.

As for me personally, my plan for the future is to become part of the Top 100 earners list in the network marketing industry. I’m sure I can get there together with the help of my team and my mentors.

Finally, Alexander leaves us some advice about how to approach your work in network marketing, based on his own experience:

Use a simple method to inform people and see it as a game of your life that might never end. Be an unstoppable entrepreneur. Work hard, but smart.

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