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Hamza Majdi & Mehdi Ben M’Louka Achieve Royal Diamond Rank At MELiUS

Hamza Majdi & Mehdi Ben M’Louka Achieve Royal Diamond Rank At MELiUS

Spearheading the MELiUS French Market since its pre-launch phase, Hamza Majdi and Mehdi Ben M’Louka are, without a doubt, undisputed leaders in the company and the industry.

Now, they are Royal Diamonds rank holders of the company, the highest rank achieved by its Brand Promoters yet.

As Monir Islam, MELiUS Chief Visionary Officer noted in his speech:

“This duo is a representation of perseverance, hard work, and long-term dedication to our vision.”

Hamza tested his waters in the industry at the early age of 17. He was introduced by his best friend but had faced a challenge entering the business because of his age then. As soon as he hit 18, he promptly got involved.

The first few years, though, were not pleasant and consistent, but that didn’t deter him from pushing forward. Instead, he took every hard situation as a challenge and got himself into seminars and mentorships to further learn and deepen his knowledge.

Fast forward to years later, he had nailed major successes in the industry and he was even able to set up numerous traditional businesses of his own, but little did he know, something even more exceptional is set to happen. Hamza wasn’t searching for MELiUS; MELiUS found him. He believes that after 12 years in network marketing, he has never found or seen a company with such innovative services like what MELiUS offers.

“This industry has always been a vehicle for me to help other people. It was never about how much I can make, but about how many people I can help.


When I went to Dubai, I did not sign up because of MELiUS’ services or the comp plan; I did because I saw the same values my parents taught me in the eyes of the Founders.”

Mehdi has been involved in the industry since 2012, when he saw an opportunity to attain financial independence. Prior to that, he had a job in Paris that required him to commute for hours, and seeing his repetitive and exhausting routine made him realize; he’s not going to that for the rest of his life.

Hamza Majdi

Over the years, he has mastered the business through a constant thirst for improvement, determination, and patience. And in 2018, he saw his most significant opportunity yet to continue his passion for helping people, create new success stories, and overhaul the negative perception the world has on network marketing.

“I’ve never seen a company being run by three young and dedicated people who will go above and beyond to make it happen, until I met the MELiUS Founders—Monir, Moyn, and Ehsaan B. Islam. They invest in so much money just to make sure that their customers have the best access to the best services.”

Amid Hamza being based in Canada and Mehdi in France, the duo has managed to build a robust French team that is gearing up to even more dominate the European market of MELiUS.

Mehdi Ben M’Louka

With their recent achievement of being awarded as Royal Diamonds, MELiUS President and CEO Moyn Islam puts forth:

We’re so grateful to this astounding leaders. With Hamza and Mehdi leading the French market, I am confident that we will grow even more in the region and that more individuals will be inspired to make a difference and see the vision we are trying to uphold.

About MELiUS

MELiUS is a next-generation ecosystem made up of the MELiUS node – a leading education platform – and MELiUS Marketing – a powerful marketing platform with a comprehensive set of tools for independent business owners.

The MELiUS ecosystem uses blockchain technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for independent business owners to interact and pursue their personal goals.

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