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Interview With Jeunesse Diamond - Miguel Oliveira From Portugal

Interview With Jeunesse Diamond – Miguel Oliveira From Portugal

Miguel Oliveira Jeunesse Diamond: All of your dreams are destined to come true!

Miguel Oliveira is a real Leader who achieved his Diamond rank only in 2,5 years. Everything started with a phone call in October 2014. His friend from Los Angeles invited him for a dinner in Macau, China. Miguel visited EXPO5 Convention with 14.000 distributors.

Jeunesse was just getting started in Europe and Miguel decided to grab this amazing opportunity. Today he is a Top Earner in Southern Europe, number one in Portugal, Member of Jeunesse European Advisory Board. Only in five years his business became completely international. Miguel’s unique and a little bit rock-n-roll approach in Network Marketing helped him to build strong teams all over the world. Thinking completely out of the box he created relationship with people who didn’t speak any language but their own. Let’s understand better how he achieved these results.

Miguel, why did you choose Network Marketing?

I didn’t choose Network Marketing, it chose me. But I understood immediately that it was my path. I am a thinking person, I always analyze everything. So I asked myself: what opportunities I have to make big money? There are several ways: run your own business, invest money or join a Network Marketing company. To start your business you need to have an amazing idea, strong business plan, starting capital and be ready to loose everything.

There is no guarantee that you will succeed and also in the process you may need extra money to invest. Also it will take many years to achieve high financial results. When you have your own business you don’t work from 9 till 6, you work all the time even on weekends without seeing your family. The stress of risks and responsibilities is “eating” your health and life energy. To invest in somebody’s business you need to have money, it’s obvious.

So I choose the best way to earn money, the fastest one, the safest one, the one that gives me free time and limitless possibilities without any risks and high investment: Network Marketing. I can choose where I want to work, how much and with whom. This feeling of freedom is so pleasant.

Why did you choose Jeunesse?

I’m Portuguese, I love football and I like to play in the first league, that’s why I chose Jeunesse. Jeunesse has an amazing compensation plan and unique products. I personally use them all for five years. Recently I was doing some health examinations and the doctor was shocked because I didn’t have any problems which is very rare nowadays. He even asked me to stop taking any supplements because my vitamins levels were on the top. I love the products but I am in this business for money.

Money itself is not the goal, it’s a tool to get things I really want.

How fast did you start to have real financial success?

I became Diamond in 2,5 years, but even before my income was really good. Before Jeunesse I had leading position in other Network Marketing companies, so I know for sure this success couldn’t happen in a different company. This is an amazing business that makes me feel calm, I can take care of my family, re-invest in my team and I’m not planning to stop. By achieving my rank I became even more ambitious because I have new goals and bigger vision.

I have changed my strategies, now I am working smarter, without wasting my precious time, prepare a powerful plan, choose the best people carefully, dedicate time to my team.

Was it difficult to achieve such a fast result? How did you do that?

Oh yes, it was not easy. It took me a lot of actions. I traveled the globe to meet people from Brazil to the Phillippines. I was away from home five times a week or even more, sometimes I had several flights a day. I started in Portugal and very soon I entered new markets where people sometimes didn’t even speak English. I was very determined. I knew exactly where I wanted to be.

I visualized all my goals, I saw them every day in my mind. To achieve extraordinary results we need to sacrifice something. I sacrificed my time that I could have spent with kids, friends. But I knew that I was building a better future for my children. I was not searching for excuses, I did whatever it took. Lots of people spend their whole life hating their jobs, spending 80% of their daily life working in the office for small money, for basic things like food, clothes, vacation once a year.

They stop dreaming, stop believing that they can go out of this circle.

Do you think everybody can succeed in Network Marketing?

Everybody can but not everybody will succeed in Network Marketing. Like everywhere in life people find themselves in a place where they really choose to be. They choose to be comfortable with a stable salary, with a job they don’t need to study anything new, they already know everything necessary for an average life. It’s a choice to complain, to blame others, to believe you are not good enough to have

a better life. But it’s also a choice to fight for your goals, dedicate time to your business, become a better person, have consistent personal evolution and never stop. These choices make the difference. First you have to work hard and then you can enjoy the fruits of your success, dedicate quality time to your family, spend time with your children playing football, exploring the world, being involved in something amazing.

Do you think some special background is needed? What special skills are required to become successful?

Unlike any other business, in Network Marketing you don’t need to have a degree, super skills, you don’t have to be a genius. You just need to have burning desires, communicate with other people, be smart, disciplined, persistent and open minded.

So I really think it is much easier than anything else. Obviously if you are already an experienced Network Marketer that can be a plus, but depends. Sometimes people coming from totally different areas of life bring lot of value, new vision, new approach. They are not recruiting in a classic way, they just feel cool and other people want to follow them. It can be that easy!

What about you? What personal experiences did you bring to Network Marketing?

Ten years of my life I was completely immersed in the world of music, I used to have a rock-n-roll band. That
is a precious experience, this artistic environment made me an openminded creative person, with no limits. We were completely free to explore our potential. I studied music by myself without any special schools and we became a popular band in Portugal, we were on the radio, national channels, mastering our albums because I always figured out everything.

I remember I wrote a song on a popular melody and I did everything to get the rights and be able to use it. Our song became a real hit. So everything is about passion and communication. Now I implement these skills in Network Marketing.

Sometimes I say crazy things on the stage, play with people but they laugh and they remember me and my words. This is important!

What were your biggest challenges at the beginning?

This business was like a filter. Only real things remained in my life. I talked to all my friends about this amazing life changing opportunity because I truly believed that it was and I still do. Most of them said no, started to ignore me, turned their backs on me. That was hard but it was a good lesson. Don’t be afraid of such things.

I didn’t like to hear “no”, it was difficult but that has helped me to become more inventive and smarter in the way I approach people. It was also difficult to miss people I love but it was just a period. I knew it, I wanted to put maximum efforts and do everything really fast so I could be more relaxed. Now I have time and I am completely free in my decisions. I can decide to go with my family to another city or country and we just grab our bags and go. I can work being near the ocean with a nice cocktail. I am extremely active now in my work but I operate in a different way: smarter, faster, more efficient.

What advice can you give to people that have just started?

First of all, if you don’t know your destination you will never get anywhere. If you don’t know what you want, practice some meditations, visualize yourself in some life circumstances so you can define the dreams of your life, what would make you truly happy. All my previous dreams came true and

I have a lot of new! Now I have a bigger vision.

Become an opinion leader, by implementing everything you are talking about in your own life. If you work with an anti-aging company that sells skin care, weight management and wellness products how do you think you should look like? What about your self image? Are you taking care of your body? What is your lifestyle? What about sport and good habits? People want to follow real leaders, people who don’t lie but bring real value. So by following their example they can have similar results. You can fake your lifestyle and your results for some time but in long term it will not work.

Another advice is being persistent. Only every day work brings constant strong results. Everything starts with a thought but must be followed by action. Use smart strategies, be creative so you will not occupy your days with useless meetings. Choose people who are better, stronger than you. Build relationship, be kind but realistic. Don’t allow other people use you and your time. Your belief is everything. All of your dreams are destined to come true sooner or later. Be focused. Don’t give up.

What is your goal for 2020?

I have a big responsibility because I have a big team. When we arrive to the top one of our responsibilities is to send the elevator down. I want to make sure that everybody can go up and enjoy this amazing roof top party. So this year my attention is on supporting my team on a daily basis, I always attend events and meetings, I want to find 5-6 really strong people. It’s better to talk with 5 people that really understand what you are talking about then 200 completely unstable or lost people.

I am ready to dedicate my quality time to those who are willing to learn and work in order to have extraordinary results together. It’s a big mistake when people stop developing their business after achieving a certain rank. To have a guaranty of your stability you need to keep going. So in 2020 I want to run with new people and create new success stories all over the world.

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