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Top Leader Hernan Calderon From Costa Rica Achieves Presidential Diamond Rank At MELiUS

Top Leader Hernan Calderon From Costa Rica Achieves Presidential Diamond Rank At MELiUS

Hernan Calderon is waving the flag of Costa Rica in MELiUS, bagged the title as one of the first Diamonds in Latin America during MELiUS’ pre-launch in the region.

Hailing from a family of business owners, Hernan got his first training from his parents, from his father, who ran a 45-year traditional business and his mother whose 15 years of entrepreneurship has been a significant example to him.

Growing up, Hernan pursued a business course himself and studied economics in college while working with his dad. He saw that the more the family businesses grow, the less time his parents had for them.

When he was 21, an old friend had recommended for him to read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, a book that had sparked a change in his mindset.

It was his first time to hear about passive income and immediately became keen on knowing more about it. In his quest to determine the potential of passive income, his good friend has introduced him to his first Network Marketing in a health and nutrition company.

Within his first year in the industry, with no initial background on network marketing, he made over $10,000 a month, a result which made him believe and clasp on to the industry even more. Fast forward to three years later; he nailed the top rank of the company in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

In the last couple of years, Hernan has seen the growth in services and technologies of other MLM companies. Many of his friends have started hitting top ranks and have even begun building robust organizations.

“In the company I was, I couldn’t expand to countries where the company’s products weren’t registered.”

That alone has been a pivotal challenge for him and his drive to grow as a Network Marketing savvy. One of Hernan’s ideals it to have a global network, citing he loves to travel the world. With that in mind, he started looking for the best company to build a global organization with a reliable service. For Hernan, there is no real residual check without customers.

José Ardon, Hernan Calderon, Rodrigo Obando

For over four months, Hernan was on the move, looking for the right company and leadership to join. He stopped looking when he met Monir Islam and Moyn Islam – Founders of MELiUS.

“I felt it inside me. I knew this is the company that is going to pioneer brand-new services that will change the game. I love and believe in the Founders’ vision, along with the leadership that Jose Ardon was also building in the company.”

For Hernan, anyone who wants to build a stable and global income needs to do MELiUS for five sole reasons:

  1.   Global Business – MELiUS’ availability all over the globe is handy. You only need a phone and the internet to use the services, learn to trade, or do your network marketing business.
  2.   Leadership and Experience– Tony Robbins once said that there are no secrets in life, only information you don’t have. MELiUS Founders and its leaders have both the experience and robust leadership.
  3.   Compensation Plan– Right now, I haven’t seen a Binary so aggressive like MELiUS’. Its comp plan is simple, making it easy for people to build a check.
  4.   Services –MELiUS is going to be the giant of network marketing! With its digital services, we have and will continue to have a myriad of services that give us exceedingly big markets and loyal customers.
  5.   Vision and Plan– MELiUS is the company with a clear vision for the next 2 years, next 5 years , next 10 years. We are marching our way to pay a billion-dollar in commission this December 31, 2022.

Hernan’s first month with MELiUS was a series of accomplishments, as he recalled. He and his business partner and friend Rodrigo Obando became the first Diamonds in the Latin America region. They even hit Presidential Diamond rank a month after that was awarded on stage during the MELiUS global launch event in Costa Rica.

But he does not plan on stopping there. Hernan’s goal is to create 100 Diamonds ($30K monthly income) in his organization and become the fastest Crown Ambassador rank achiever of the company. At present, Hernan’s teams are growing in 17 different places in the world.

His personal goal in MELiUS? To score his first 10 million in the first 3 years in the company.

About MELiUS

MELiUS is a next-generation ecosystem made up of the MELiUS node – a leading education platform – and MELiUS Marketing – a powerful marketing platform with a comprehensive set of tools for independent business owners.

The MELiUS ecosystem uses blockchain technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for independent business owners to interact and pursue their personal goals.

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Disclaimer: Everyone’s results vary and are not typical. Just like with any business it requires hard work, skillset, and dedication. Someone results can be exceptional than others.


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