ASCIRA Appoints Belynda Lee As Chief Operations Officer

ASCIRA Appoints Belynda Lee As Chief Operations Officer

Belynda Lee proudly represents ASCIRA as the Chief Operations Officer (COO). Ms. Lee brings her world-class C-suite level executive acumen along with a unique ability to perform as a cross-functional strategist to the team.

Born in Singapore and formally educated with a Master of Business Administration, Belynda’s multi-lingual and culturally diversified background has allowed her to create international relationships that facilitate multi-channel distribution strategies that bring benefits to both corporate and sales teams globally.

Belynda’s strategic visionary skills and proven track record on driving growth, leadership turnarounds, international expansion and delivering bottom-line results across the globe have earned her the reputation of a Pinnacle Executive leader in the industry.

She emphasizes organizational alignment, execution, and quality, with a never-ending focus on the end-customer. Belynda is also a bestselling author and a certified John Maxwell trainer.

Knowledge sharing is a thriving economy

Belynda Lee stated:

“The sharing economy is prized in our culture.  Just look around us, you will notice people value and benefit from a collective effort that is accessible to anyone.


Best-in-class companies earn their respect and success by recognizing and empowering people through knowledge sharing and professional growth.  This is why we at ASCIRA embrace a knowledge-sharing culture which will be the key to our success.”  

Belynda is a highly accomplished internationally recognized and the recipient of various prestigious awards including Outstanding Leadership – Global Women Summit in Vancouver, Canada; “Leader of the Year” – 10th Annual Women of Worth Conference; and “Top Chinese Women of Canada” – United Global Chinese Women Association in Canada.

She was also honored with the International Leadership Award from the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation (TWEF) for her contributions to the society.

Belynda was the founder of the Canadian Women in Business tour, where she spread her passion and efforts in empowering, celebrating, and elevating females from across the country.  Her ongoing mission is to create personal and professional examples for others to follow while making a global impact amongst females today and in the future. She strives for excellence.


Launching in March of 2020, ASCIRA will become a global leader in the field of education, direct sales and in network marketing industry. For more information on ASCIRA, you may contact us at [email protected]. For more information please visit

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