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Alberto And Paola Arellano Achieve Presidential Diamond Rank At MELiUS

Alberto And Paola Arellano Achieve Presidential Diamond Rank At MELiUS

Alberto and Paola Arellano smashed Presidential Diamond at MELiUS, earning $70,000 income a month.

Fifteen years of experience proves that nothing reaches greater heights than a power-duo whose goals are comparable—to provide the best life for their family, teams, and other people who want to achieve the same.

“It is our honor to congratulate Paola and Alberto. Together, they have been exceptional examples for their teams and, indeed, one of the hardest working couples we have had the opportunity to work with.


It’s been incredible to see their hard work and passion, as well as the respect their teams have for them. It is no surprise that they have been so successful, and there’s no doubt they will unlock more exceptional milestones together.”

said Monir Islam, Moyn Islam, and Ehsaan B. Islam

Alberto and Paola Arellano on stage

How did you start in Network Marketing?

Alberto: Before Network Marketing, I worked as a cashier at a gas station in the USA, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for $6 an hour.

Paola: I was working two jobs, waitress and housecleaning. When this opportunity came into my life, it came at a crucial moment when I was going through a divorce and had to provide for my three-year-old girl. It was up to me to ensure that that girl’s future would change. The situation I was in at that time did not knock me down, because it gave me a big “WHY”, a big reason I had to move forward.

I worked from Monday to Monday to feed my daughter until the day I was introduced to Network Marketing. It changed my life. Since then, I no longer have to leave my kids, my family to work. I can do it wherever I am with them.

This industry taught us many lessons in life, and despite our ups and downs, helping people is what keeps us going every day.

Your success in Network Marketing before MELiUS?

Over the last 15 years we’ve been in this industry, we have built teams of tens of thousands of people in over 20 countries. We co-founded a Network Marketing company in the United States and have been blessed to have earned millions of dollars in the industry.

The one thing we are most proud of is helping countless people achieve their goals and dreams while building their own business.

Why did you choose this company?

The main thing we were looking for in a company was the leadership. We genuinely believe that if the heart of the leadership is in the right place, it will grow and prosper. The owners of this company, Monir Islam, Moyn Islam, and Ehsaan B. Islam, are incredible people and have devoted themselves to creating a true legacy building a company.

We have also known Jose Ardón, the company’s Executive Vice President for over 10 years, and we wanted to be mentored by him. We believe in the company’s vision and we must say, in our 15 years in the industry, we’ve never seen anything this strong and HUGE.

Alberto and Paola Arellano with Jose Ardon

Your message and success tips for other aspiring individuals in Network Marketing?

Stay focused. Learn from your mistakes, and always do the right thing for your people. Your team must become your extended family and always remember, we protect, love, and respect our family.

About MELiUS

MELiUS is a next-generation ecosystem made up of the MELiUS node – a leading education platform – and MELiUS Marketing – a powerful marketing platform with a comprehensive set of tools for independent business owners.

The MELiUS ecosystem uses blockchain technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for independent business owners to interact and pursue their personal goals.

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Disclaimer: Everyone’s results vary and are not typical. Just like with any business it requires hard work, skillset, and dedication. Someone results can be exceptional than others.


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