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Renze Deelstra From The Netherlands Achieves Presidential Rank At Crowd1

Renze Deelstra From The Netherlands Achieves Presidential Rank At Crowd1

Renze Deelstra, a controversial networker, aka Renz Eduardo has achieved one of the top ranks, 3 star Presidential rank in Crowd1 compensation plan. According to that compensation plan a member has to generate 20 million points in balance.

It seems a large part of the volume is build on investments from South Africa and the Philippines.

The company is founded by Jonas Werner, (ex. OPN-Sitetalk) Tor Anders Petterøe (Ex Towah),   CEO is Johan Stael von Holstein, Chief Network Leadership is Peter Jakobsson. An other top leader is Bjørn Thomas Arnsted

Renze Deelstra has represented in the past a number of proven scams and out of business opportunities such as Flexkom, Zeek rewards, Carcoin and others. Seems he has found a new home in Crowd1.

According to Crowd1:

Crowd1 must not be mistaken for a gaming or gambling company. Crowd1 uses online networking and the most modern methods for customer acquisition, including affiliate systems, to create a solid customer base. The Crowd1 customer base is then introduced to external partners through Affilgo, in the form of licensed gaming companies, where agreements are made for profit sharing. No gaming or gambling are made by Crowd1 or on the Crowd1 website and no money is paid to such sites via the Crowd1 website.

All Crowd1 members get exclusive access to AffilGO – A brand new crowd marketing site where you can build your global gaming network on a world class platform with real money paid directly from gaming companies.

About Crowd1

Crowd1 is a closed membership club by invitation only. The membership is free and as a free Associate you will be allowed to upgrade with different Education Packages, that includes several internal and external features, that Crowd1 from time to time offer their Associates to join and potentially earn money from.

If you choose to be an Associate with a paid Education Package, Crowd1 may provide you with Owner Rights. As a free Associate in Crowd1 you will be allowed to log in at your back-office at the website


Get more information, facts and figures about Crowd1, click here for the Crowd1 overview.

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