Tomiwa Orunnipin Achieves Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Tomiwa Orunnipin Achieves Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

The Nigerian born and raised husband and father of three beautiful children is a 43 year old network marketing leader that has helped Omegapro expand in Nigeria as well as multiple other countries, is proud to have achieved the Diamond rank with the company.

After graduating from the university Tomiwa Orunnipin had been stuck in a traditional job in the oil & gas industry for 8 years. He found a feasible way out to his situation in network marketing, to which he had been introduced by a friend.

’I was looking for a shift, which will change my life so I decided to start in the network marketing industry.’’

Tomiwa is a self-made man who is proud to point to his personal struggles as the keys for his current success.

‘’My beginnings were difficult. I didn’t have enough experience to make network marketing my main source of income, but I had no other choice’’

Fast forward in 2019 he came across Omegapro and fell in love with the company’s world class trading experience! He really gained traction when he partnered with one of his mentors in the industry, Paulo Tuynman. He has set up a successful business and developed various online training programs on youtube. His subscribers can follow weekly his advice on how to become wealthy through network marketing.

‘’I always kept in mind I didn’t want to work for anyone and that was a good reason to pursue a career as a networker. I need to thank God first, my beautiful wife Wuraola Orunnipin but also the wonderful people who have helped me along the way, like Paulo Tuynman, Daniel Onoja, Amira Tuynman and the founders Dilawar Singh, Andreas Szakacs, Mike Sims.’’

This is the key for Tomiwa’s success, as he knows that in network marketing there is no need to reinvent the wheel; when something works it needs to be duplicated and brought into action in a natural way the results will come along. That’s why he designed together with Paulo Tuynman and Daniel Onoja a system that could train the network to learn and achieve the first goals for themselves.

‘’Trading is more accessible today because of technology. You can get involved and take part in the Trillion dollar financial markets on your phone right now, and once you focus on your goals, they become more real and attainable’’.

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