Antonia Kranvogel From Austria Achieves Platinum Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

Antonia Kranvogel From Austria Achieves Platinum Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

Antonia Kranvogel has big goals for her business. Her next ambitious goal is to help build a team of 1,000+ women in the year 2020. Inspired by her strong mother, Antonia wants to help break the cliché and empower women by helping them gain independence by learning how to earn money on their own.

Antonia Kranvogel is twenty-seven years old. She was born and raised in Austria and now lives in Lake Constance, Germany. Antonia always knew she wanted to be different. The “normal way” wasn’t for her.

As a teenager, while finishing school, Antonia struggled with eating disorders. After she overcame that trial in her life, she took several courses at the University trying to figure out what career path she wanted to pursue. Antonia’s single mom was extremely supportive of her and the decisions she made. She encouraged Antonia to go to school and always said,

“It doesn’t matter WHAT you do for a living, you just need to be VERY good at it!”

At this time Antonia decided to follow one of her passions and she became a professional horse rider. For six years she worked ten to fourteen hours a day, seven days a week riding horses. She knew she couldn’t keep up that schedule forever, so Antonia got involved in Network Marketing. She joined a company that sold fitness products. Antonia found success in the business, but after two years of selling products she realized she would never get the financial freedom she always dreamed of.

As Antonia began searching for new opportunities, she came across foreign exchange trading. This caught her attention so she started researching to learn as much as possible about this financial market.

Antonia joined Kuvera in January, 2020. She decided to join the company because she loved that Kuvera offers services to both customers and distributors. She believes one of the most important things for a company is to offer the best opportunities for customers. She said,

“With Kuvera, we had the opportunity to help create trading education for the German speaking area. Kuvera really offers the best price-performance ratio. I have never seen another company offer products and plans below $100.


This makes it possible for everybody to get involved. I love that we don’t need to sell anything. My customer ratio is 90% and they’re happy earning money by using the power of the forex market.”

Antonia really enjoys using Kuvera’s products. Her favorite product is the Sequalizer. She loves the SK System and views the Sequalizer as a solution booklet that updates several times throughout the day, making it easy to learn Stefan’s trading system.

Antonia believes it’s important for members to realize that Network Marketing and trading aren’t for everyone. Both take time and hard work. She said,

“Don’t expect overnight money. For some, it will take a while before you start earning, but if you stick with it long enough, you can make money from both opportunities. Be sure to give yourself time to learn how to trade. You wouldn’t expect yourself to speak perfect French after one month, so be patient with yourself as you learn. Stay in close contact with your sponsor and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something.”

Antonia has found great success with Kuvera. In just two short months she reached the rank of Platinum Ambassador. Because of her professional athlete background, Antonia has great discipline and knows how to be consistent and how to work hard. Her drive and focus have helped her excel in the business. She said,

“This business is my “plan A”, so it’s absolutely clear in my mind to be successful. I always remind myself there is no other opportunity with a work-life balance like I have now with Kuvera. I am also very lucky to build my businesses together with my boyfriend Martin Laurent. He is one of the most inspiring leaders for me and always teaches and supports me whenever I need.”

Antonia has big goals for the rest of the year and is wasting no time! As Antonia always says,

“It’s absolutely true that you can only make two mistakes; by never starting, or giving up too early.”

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