Lee Seungik & Kim Hyunsook From South Korea Achieve Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Lee Seungik & Kim Hyunsook From South Korea Achieve Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Lee Seungik & Kim Hyunsook stated upon their achievement:

As marketers, we are more than happy to achieve diamonds than anything else, working with partners like the roots of the Redwood tree through passion, consideration, embrace and leadership.

Having been running financial firms and businesses for 30 years, I have learned the beautiful success of capitalism that can succeed with the leadership of the Amway’s top leader, Dexter Yager, who has seen Korea’s first network marketing companies 35 years ago. 

Network Marketing: a company that offers success opportunities for everyone who dreams of success, an ideology of 70 years’ history, and can help many people. I respect the mentoring of the founders of Dilawar Singh and Mike Sims, who are making a difference in their lives to many Omega Pro families, and express my deep gratitude to them and to the founders of Omega Pro in Korea.

In the movie “Schindler’s List,” a famous quote came to mind, “Who saves a life in the Jewish Talmud is saving the world.” The depth of leadership of Dilawar Sibgh and Mike Sims is once again engraved on their minds.  

Having been in investment banks and financial businesses for more than a decade, I am well aware that if Man Power and Finance combine, wealth can be created with tens of thousands of times the synergy effect of logistics.  OmegaPro’s 11 percent profit is an opportunity for all omega-pro families to make ends meet.

It’s a new beginning now.  You will enjoy joy, happiness, and abundance in Omega Pro. What my wife and I are deeply engraving is that

“When I achieve my dream, I become someone’s dream again.

Once Crown’s goal is achieved, the dream of partners will be achieved.

About OmgeaPro

The mission of OmegaPro is to deliver a secure world class trading experience to all clients – both retail and institutional. We continually invest in new technologies and people, to provide our clients with a diverse range of trading products and exceptional trading outputs.

Moreover, we put a major emphasis on account security – we use the most advanced tools and encryption protocols and provide plentiful market liquidity to ensure your capital. Thanks to the vast market volume that OmegaPro handles and our strict risk policies, we can ensure that your account with us is secure, while connecting you to the fast paced global markets.

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