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Crowd1 Terminates Renze Deelstra For Cross Recruiting And Unethical Behaviour

Dutchman Renze Deelstra, a highly controversial networker, AKA Renz Eduardo has been terminated by Crowd1 for cross recruiting and unethical behaviour according to several well informed sources close to the company.

Renze Deelstra is planning to establish a new network marketing company in Dubai, with the website which will  “sell educational Bitcoin and Choyce token packages”.

Many top leaders have warned for Renze’s unethical business practices and as one leader stated:

Renze knows exactly how to empty the pockets of new distributors, and fills his own pocket.

In the last 20 years Renze Deelstra has been active in many companies such as Flexkom, Zeek rewards, Carcoin,  the vast majority of those companies are out of business….

About Crowd1

Crowd1 is a closed membership club by invitation only. The membership is free and as a free Associate you will be allowed to upgrade with different Education Packages, that includes several internal and external features, that Crowd1 from time to time offer their Associates to join and potentially earn money from.

If you choose to be an Associate with a paid Education Package, Crowd1 may provide you with Owner Rights. As a free Associate in Crowd1 you will be allowed to log in at your back-office at the website

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