Seungik & Hyunsook From South Korea Achieve Blue Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Seungik stated upon their achievement:

“I’m happy and grateful for OmegaPro and leading the OmegaPro Korea Group.

I have been in the network business for 24 years and I’m 63 years old. As a couple, Hyunsook and I built the OmegaPro business together. On 20 September, 2019 I was introduced to the Omega Pro business and immediately started with the belief that we could grow into a long term company from him who was honest and pure.

In particular, members of the corporate staff were known to Koreans as honest and full of integrity. Mike Sims was passionate and known as a successful marketer and a well-known motivating man. As he likes to put it, ‘When I achieve my dream, it becomes someone’s dream’, bringing my passion up to 100℃. I still maintain it.”

“We achieved blue diamond in March in the midst of a major fire that caused OmegaPro along with many other websites to go offline for a while. In the case of a server fire, we became more and more trusted by our CEO Andreas Szakacs’ excellent crisis management ability.

I think it was able to solve this crisis well because it was a company that was made sincerely from the beginning. As Andreas said ‘It is dark without light, but it is not dark without light.’ ‘Even though light can drive out darkness, darkness cannot drive out light.’

We want to do business at OmegaPro and enjoy a leisurely life as we get older. We will leave our traces as a legacy and achieve Black Diamond, and Crown Diamond and in the end, we are confident that the final victory will be with OmegaPro.

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