BE Appoints Javed Khan As NFX Director

Life never gets better by chance but it becomes better by change. The technology company BE is transforming the lives of multitude of people by providing them a powerful digital ecosystem. Irrespective of skillsets and background, anyone can leverage it to lead an empowered life.

The company has been disrupting the technology space and all the while granting opportunities for others to lead better lives. BE is delighted to add another precious member to its community by appointing Javed Khan as its NFX Director.

As a beacon of success in his industry, he is regularly featured on the global leaderboards of brokers. Javed is a person of strong conviction, this combined with passion and consistency enabled him to see success at a young age.

He started trading at the age of 18, while he was still studying in college and working part-time. In his early days he took up odd jobs to meet necessities and despite facing several setbacks, he held his head high and never gave up on his dream. With a clear mission, the right knowledge and determination, he kept on scaling great heights of success and established a solid footing in the industry.

Javed always aspired to work for a promising company in the digital sector that will enable him to prosper as an individual and make a difference in other’s lives. His life took a 360-degree turn when he joined BE. He shares,

“I partnered up with BE as I realized, not only is there a vision but also a plan that is being executed day by day.


They’ve delivered on everything they mentioned they will when it comes to products, accessibility for customers to the world of NFX, the introduction of the world’s first proprietary NFX educational app & so much more is to come & I’m confident they will deliver in those aspects too.”

Having a modest upbringing, Javed had come a long way in the trading industry. Meeting the three young entrepreneurs Monir Islam, Moyn Islam, and Ehsaan Islam, the BE founders was one of the most monumental moments of his life.

When they shared their vision, which was beyond business profits and more to empower people with advanced technology, Javed was impressed. He remarked,

“It’s an amazing feeling to be able to share the accomplishments with the Islam brothers who I grew up seeing growing massive organizations back while I was in school in London, hearing what they have been doing in the field to now working closely with them.”

BE is striving ahead with a path-breaking approach and Javed takes pride in being a part of a meaningful mission.

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