Peter Gurschler From Austria Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At Success Factory

Peter Gurschler is a professional networker from Austria with over 8 years of experience in the industry. He has recently become an independent associate of Success Factory and can already boast some outstanding results.

Peter was born in the town of Kitzbühel, in Austria, into a humble family and has been a fighter from a very young age. As a kid, he always was a little smaller and a little younger than his peers, so he maintained a level of personal intensity from his youth.

A hockey professional at his 15, he would constantly draw upon creativity and imagination rather then physical force to out skate and outthink his teammates. As an adult, he acquired a degree in finance and also became a certified ski instructor, which is a very relevant profession in Austria.

“My belief is that champions always know they are champions long before the rest of the world knows it. They know where they come from, they know what they’ve been through and they know how to outthink their feelings, overcome their fears and doubts and subject themselves to a system that creates a predictable winning result.”

Years ago, following his degree, Peter founded a financial company with a partner, which, unfortunately, had to close after a tragic event. He wouldn’t give up, and his mental toughness and sales discipline eventually led him to the MLM industry.

After a networking event Peter attended in a nearby town, he knew he had what it takes to win in this business. He has since gone on to create major teams in several MLM organizations. In those times, Peter was introduced to Iulian Cimbala and they discussed Success Factory, however, Peter did not join right away. It took him three more years to get prepared for a great opportunity that was awaiting him.

Peter Gurschler can be called a sensation of Success Factory. A fresh associate of the company, after only two months of work, he had already reached the Blue Diamond rank and created a high five figure per month income and increasing. A true champion, indeed.

Peter says “Leadership is wisdom without waiting“, and he has created a system that is focused on health, business and finance. A system that is predictable and brings him consistent success, and not just for him alone: “Good people make other people better.”

Peter is a powerful leader with a get-it-done attitude. He holds daily meetings with his team, and they are thriving and building fast. He always shows up focused and ready:

“Showing up is the first step to changing everything. I put in the work; I know I’m the example. Your team starts with you. I think we come with nothing and we go with nothing, but in between, we are reconnecting people with their dreams.”

Peter Gurschler is breaking records at Success Factory and bringing massive action and energy everywhere he goes.

“It is often said that in order to reach success you need to surround yourself with the right people. I absolutely agree, I think that strong individuals with the right attitude and successful mindset create a kind of an energy field that just forces the people around them to unleash their full potential and go for their dreams.


Another important thing, let’s call it a key to success, is integrity. I always work with highly upright and moral people: when you know, you know.”

Stated Peter Gurschler

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