Fabiana Carrasco From Bolivia Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank at iGenius

Flash back to five months ago and life was very different for Fabiana Carrasco. She was a broke university student, struggling to pay bills, and was reluctantly relying on her parents for money. She felt terrible because her parents had recently lost a business and means were short for everyone. She knew something had to change quickly.

Fabiana Carrasco is a twenty-one-year-old from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Given her circumstances, she was looking for any side hustle to help both her and her parents support themselves.

Fabiana was always interested in the concept of investing and making her money work for her, but she was always too scared to start. She felt like she didn’t have the courage, know-how, or the money to get involved in the financial markets, but then she found iGenius.

She said,

“iGenius is a system that would not only teach me how to trade and invest, but it would also give me the access to leverage experts and technology for my advantage. To me, that changed the game. Another game changer for me was the fact that I would have a mentor to help me through the process. I would also have the opportunity to earn money as a distributor that I could re-invest into the markets.”

Fabiana became an independent iGenius distributor and after earning her first check, she immediately reinvested it into the markets. Investing is something that used to take a lot of courage for Fabiana, but she’s now grown her business and continues to invest.

Starting her business didn’t come easily in the beginning. In the first month, Fabiana didn’t have a single person on her team. But luckily for her, she understood that network marketing took time and patience. She said,

“I understood this was all part of the journey and that I needed to build a brand for myself. The only way to do that is by showing up consistently. I understood that to get results I had to do more or get better, so I did both.” 

During her second month in the business, her work started paying off. She enrolled her first person, then the second, then the third. The next thing she knew, her team was expanding every day. By the third month, Fabiana had a team of over 150 people. By month five, her team expanded into Latin America. Fabiana now has a Latino team of over 200 people and an English team of over 150 people.

Fabiana recently achieved the rank of Diamond Ambassador with iGenius and said the following about her success,

“What got me to this point in my career is my work ethic. I had no days off, no rest, and I always put my team first. I understood that the beginning phase is always a sacrifice phase, but I knew if I got through that, and built a solid base for my business, then in a few years my business will be working without me needing to be on top of it 24/7. Also, learning from top leaders, people who’ve already been through this process multiple times, helped accelerate my success.”

With Fabiana’s team training, leadership, public speaking, and the ability to relate to others, she easily influences her peers as she focuses not only on direct sales, but also on growing and mentoring her team.

Fabiana takes a lot of pride in being a part of iGenius. She chose to join iGenius because of the generous compensation plan and the overwhelming support coming from both her team and the iGenius corporate team. She loves the mentorship and support from all of her peers in the iGenius community, and she stands behind all of the iGenius products, knowing that they are designed to change lives by helping people gain financial education and freedom.

Her favorite iGenius product is CRYPTOelite, powered by EndoTech. She stated,

“I love CRYPTOelite because I am a busy woman and I don’t always have time to sit down and trade by myself. CRYPTOelite has been generating profits in my account. It is the true definition of ‘money working for you’”.

Because Fabiana is a product of the product, she has quickly become a respected iGenius leader. When asked what advice she’d like to give to her peers, she answered by saying,

“It’s important to understand the compounding effect. You do not eat the fruit the same day you plant the seed. Same thing in this industry. You must build a brand and you must build trust amongst your team and followers. If people trust you and see you as a reliable person, they will want to do business with you. You need to be a massive leader before you create a massive team.”

Fabiana’s next goal in her career is not about herself, but it’s about her team. She is striving to help five of her teammates achieve the rank of Platinum Ambassador. She believes she will accomplish this goal by living by one of her favorite quotes, “Push yourself to the point that it is uncomfortable, nobody grows while in their comfort zone.”

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