Quini Amores From Spain Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At Success Factory

Not long ago, top leader from Spain, Quini Amores joined Success Factory.

Accumulating over 9 years of experience in the industry, Quini has definitely proved himself as an ultimate professional in network marketing as in less than a year with Success Factory he has already reached the Blue Diamond rank.

Quini Amores can boast an extremely successful track record in business and entrepreneurship. However, his preference will always be for network marketing, as an industry where he is able not only gain himself, but help other people reach their dreams:

“I profoundly love and respect the network marketing industry. It is a place and a chance for absolutely anyone not only to grow professionally and personally, but also to impact other people and leave a mark on the world.”

That said, Quini’s recent promotion to the Blue Diamond rank acquires a special meaning for him as a leader:

“For me, to achieve this rank in less than one year is very gratifying because it means that I have been able to help many people to achieve their objectives and their goals. It is a moment to pause, to thank God and to thank each and every person who has made this possible, each of the people in my downline and each of my uplines.”

Quini admits that the path to reaching the Blue Diamond rank has been easy to him, however, he wars against any misunderstanding:

“Because, as the admired Jim Rohn used to say, easy for me means I can do it. If we speak about obstacles, I always say that they’re necessary in order to build the character and continuously raise the bar.


And it’s clear to me that if the road gets tough, the tough stay on the road. But, undoubtedly, it has been necessary to transform the mindset of the people in my organisation to develop in the digital world.”

Quini hasn’t yet had an official recognition for the new rank, but he admits that the moment of realizing the promotion was particularly happy for him:

“There is always a celebration, as you do the small you do the big, and I have received a very good dose of love from many people. I would like to particularly thank the friends I have in the marketing and advertising team, who are always there to help me, for the trust of my leadership team and organisation, for the support of my uplines and mentors Andreea Cimbala and Igor Alberts, all of whom God has placed in my life. I am truly privileged.”

When talking about the future and the plans, Quini gets especially emotional.

“When I am asked about my plans for the future, it is exciting and puts a special sparkle back in my eyes. Today, I know that we are all here to succeed, not to fail, that the human instinct is to succeed, it gives us happiness!


My vision and mission is becoming clearer and more defined, which is to impact positively on a million people internationally, not only in business growth, but also on a personal level. And to do so from a fundamental value taken from a brilliant quote: never use people to develop network marketing, use network marketing to develop people.


To me, success is the progressive realisation of a dream, and together with my leadership team, we are building a truly spectacular community, with values, tools and dreams. OneDreamTeamNetwork will make a difference to al least one million people.

About Success Factory

Success Factory is a network marketing company whose main goal is the promotion of human potential and supporting latest technology, relying on innovative and creative proposals that bring real solutions to the lifestyle in the 21st century.

The product catalogue of the company is mainly digital, covering the spheres of technology, education, sales skills and financial expertise. All that always improving quality, usability and exceptionality and offering its sales force different products to work with. The most outstanding items within the extensive ecosystem of the company are Forex Insiders, the View, B.A.N.K., Dagcoin, and Dagpay.

Success Factory has come to be the company that transforms network marketing, being, above all, a company that detects, trains and empowers the sales professionals that will be the great legends of the industry tomorrow. Find more information on the company’s website www.successfactory.com.


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