Henry Souza From Peru Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

The Peruvian team of the OmegaPro company is boasting a great deal of new ranks, and one of those rising leaders, who is Henry Robert Souza Sandoval.

Henry Souza is a new professional in the network marketing industry, however, he is already showing a true talent and dedication to this business model as after only two and a half years of work, he has achieved the prestigious Blue Diamond rank.

Henry comes from the traditional industry of banking, where he was working a standard 9-to-5 day for many years:

“I was tired doing the same thing, not having enough time for my family, and my economy was not improving.


This was until I met an excellent person who is my upline and my mentor, Jose Estrella, who introduced me to this great business. I decided to join because I saw that it was a solid and reliable company, and most of all, that it has excellent corporate staff.”

Henry admits that with no initial experience, the network marketing business was something completely new to him and even somehow striking:

“But the important thing was that I felt in my heart that something big was on the way and that very soon, I was going to see it in my life, so I decided to go after my dreams. The dreams I’m now making come true.


I learned that in this business, you must be very perseverant. I learned to serve others, and most importantly, that at OmegaPro, we are all one big family. This company has created a great financial vehicle that is changing the lives of millions of people, my life and that of my family.

Recently, Henry has been able to travel to Dubai to attend the OmegaPro event, where he met the corporate staff and leaders from other teams, as well as to participate in a spectacular leadership retreat organized by his upline, Black Diamond Jose Estrella. A retreat where over 100 leaders came together to have fun, share and bond.

“I am so grateful to my mentor Jose Estrella, because he has trusted me from the beginning, he believed in me, that I could go far, and thanks to his advice and teachings, we are achieving it.


At OmegaPro, I have lived incredible experiences I had never imagined, one of them was to personally meet the corporate staff and visiting the company offices in Dubai. I have travelled to the best beaches in the world and seen amazing places.


I think the network marketing profession is the best profession that is helping many people to change their quality of life and that of their families. We are impacting the lives of many people and the results we are getting so far are very, very good.

Henry tells us about his short-term plans, which are quite pragmatic, but that reflect the results he is getting:

“I keep working hard, but I also want to enjoy everything achieved with my effort. In the short term, I would like to build a house for myself and my family and buy a house for my parents.


My long-term plans, however, are more idealistic, which is to leave a legacy for my daughters and my whole generation.”

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