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Hicham Laarej Achieves Black Diamond Rank at Omegapro

Born and raised in France, husband and father of three beautiful children is a 39 year old network marketing leader that has helped OmegaPro expand in the French Market as well as multiple other countries, is proud to have achieved the Black Diamond rank with the company.

He is now working toward the next and the highest rank at the company, which is that of Crown Diamond, Hicham Laarej has surpassed all his targets within a year and its just a matter of time before he hits the next promotion.

“I thank my dream team because each of the members of my team have a fundamental and vital contribution to my success today and the growth of the company”.

Hicham has come from a strong a background, after graduating from the university with a business degree he had been stuck in a traditional job as a sales manager in the real estate industry.

But the monotonous system has driven him to seek a meaningful change to be his own boss. He established his first step in Network Marketing when a friend introduced him. 

Since then, Hicham has reached greater heights in the industry as one of the most prominent an highly regarded leaders in the French market and worldwide. 

‘’I chose to build a business with financial stability because I recognized that there was strong and authentic leadership in place.’’

Hicham, having achieved Black Diamond in just 11 months at Omegapro, has a very important piece of advice for other marketers;

‘’If you want to start, start now! Don’t listen to your fears or to people, just trust the process and with consistency, discipline and great ambition you will succeed.


Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its shortness, don’t lose your time by doing things that don’t pay off’’

Vice President of Sales Paulo Tuynman at the Mansion of Hicham Laarej

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