Darryl Drake Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At iGenius

Born in San Bernardino California, Darryl Drake was introduced to network marketing while selling alarm systems door to door.  At that time Drake realized that he wanted to put his focus towards his love of people and excel in a path that made him truly excited.

At 32 years old, Drake was introduced to iGenius.. He was intrigued that iGenius provides a way to learn a real skill set and real education. Whether or not individuals continue on their education path with iGenius, they can learn something that they will take with them for life. Drake said:

“In this industry we are not really known for something like iGenius teaches. Typically you cannot leave a company and take their products or services, but with iGenius you will always carry that learned skill.


As I looked at our industry, I didn’t see anything that checked off the important items on my list like iGenius, from leadership to timing, to bonus plan and of course the product.”

Drake said that at this point in his career it is all about discipline and the people. Joining iGenius was about exactly that, the people.

Drake has set the goal of introducing 100,000 people to the iGenius education platform and reaching the rank of Crown Legend and is well on his way. Within the first two weeks of joining iGenius, Drake has introduced more people to iGenius than anyone in company history and reached the rank of Diamond Ambassador.

When asked what made iGenius different than his previous ventures he said:

“I like the idea of not having to worry about delays on shipping or products not being available in certain countries because of ingredients and shipping. With iGenius, we work with digital products so almost anyone can participate.”

When asked what has helped him succeed, Drake mentioned that:

“People helping people bring out their personal talents is what creates a successful culture. Teaching leadership, mentorship and mentality has been a focus in creating a successful dynamic within his team.


People who work on themselves first, will succeed. The people you run into every day are interested in YOU before they’re interested in any product or service.”

Drake’s next goal in sight is to have 15,000 active team members using the iGenius products.

Drake said this of his next goal:

“I think that pound for pound iGenius has what it takes to be next level. As long as we continue to evolve as a company I believe that we will attract the greatest network marketers into our platform propelling us to one of the best programs in the industry.”

Drake lives by the motto:

“Build up the people, and the people will build the business. If you build up the business first…when the business fails, so will the people. So, build up the people, and the people will build the business!” We look forward to working with Drake as he continues to achieve greatness.

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